coinremitter provides the auto-withdrawal feature for every wallet. So it requires your external address to withdraw funds automatically from your wallet. However, you can stop the auto-withdrawal feature in some coins. but an external address requires in every coin wallet.

Every digital wallet has its unique address and it differs from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrencies. But when it comes to an external address in coinremitter it simply means all the addresses which must not belong to coinremitter wallet address but the address of other wallets from different digital wallet platforms, like,, etc.

First, let's see what can be considered as the external address.

For example, you have an account in coinremitter and also in third-party sites like exchanges or wallet provider. The coin address of the third party will be considered as an external address in the coinremitter.

You might have a question about what it is used for and how it is going to help you.

As you might know that coinremitter is just not a digital wallet platform but also provides you a gateway facility. So, having an external address in your coinremitter wallet will you get money (coins) to that address through your coinremitter wallet address when you enable the auto-withdrawal feature. You can not set litecoin address as an external address in bitcoin wallet. you need to set an external address while creating a new wallet which you can edit later.

Steps to edit external address.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on wallet
  • In the wallet select your wallet (name) in which you want the external address
  • Go to the General section
  • In the General section, you will find the external address tab, paste the address in that and save it
  • Coinremitter will send you an email at your registered email address. Once you confirm, changes will commence.

Note: Make sure you add the correct address in your wallet because once the fund is transferred then the coinremitter is not responsible for any issue related to that.

Final remark

This blog was to answer the question of what is it, what it is used for and how can you save it on your wallet. To receive payment on that address through coinremitter wallet address.