What is blockchains?

A blockchain Is usually known as group of blocks that are bound to each other by using cryptography. All these blocks are maintained by network of computers which Is called peer 2 peer network. These network either centralized or decentralized. 

Main purpose of those blockchains are to contain information in every block and that block will be protected by digital key. 

Since, crypto coins market command its peak these blockchains are principally used among these market. Moreover, Cryptocurrency market is decentralized means there are no many Influences of centralized agencies like banks and central government.

Sometimes to perceive Blockchains may become delicate for folks. However, In an exceedingly traditional words centralized agencies open largely Informations which might be simply accessible to everyone. 

There are ample of crypto coins payment gateways accepted these technology to send/receive coins, save invoices and alternative details to store in this.


What is transaction fees? Or withdrawal fees?

Transaction or withdrawal fees are basically a kind of charge which you have to pay If you transfer coins from your wallet to someone else’s wallet.

There are many of crypto coins gateways who charges withdrawal fees according to their circumstances. Some of them takes charges individually according to multifarious countries also payment gateway like Coinremitter take only one charge in order to send coins across the border and no matter where that users are from.

In addition, this transaction fees are the main revenue of some gateways in contrast, It doesn’t apply on other gateways because they have also found other ways to earn more than their revenue.

The individuals are paid to those minors who make transactions possible.eventually, they paid them from revenue.

However, each and every transaction history will be saved in blockchains whenever users made their transaction within the border or across the border.

Although, all these transactions are being viewed by those minors in order to avoid some errors which creates resistance when transfers are in between the process.

What is cryptocurrency wallet? - Where to store crypto coins?


What is crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet / crypto coin wallet is function which is used by every crypto coin holder who are send/receive coins into their wallet. In addition, it only accept that one coin in wallet, in which that wallet would made from that coin.

Each wallet holds its private keys and only owner of that wallet would have accessibility in order to open wallet. It also holds public address in order to send coins within their wallet.

If someone accidently delete their wallet, then, all the remaining funds from that deleted wallet will not be transferred  because users have the full authority about what to do with wallet.

Moreover, all your funds and wallet information  will be saved safely in blockchains.


How to accept coins in websites?

The types of services provided by Individuals are subtle sometimes. There may have one route to accept crypto coins within website is to create a wallet of crypto coins.

Coinremitter provides a simplest way to create a wallet and start accepting or sending coins on individuals wallet.

You can click here to see more about how to accept coins in your websites (how to create a wallet on coinremitter)

This is the easiest way by far everyone know.


How many types of crypto coin wallets are available on the internet?

There are eventually 5 types of cryptocurrency wallets available on the internet.

1) Hardware wallets

2) Paper wallets

3)Desktop wallets 

4)Mobile wallet

5) Web wallets

From the starting of hardware software, this type of wallet is mainly unique because it comes in the form of USB device which contains LED screen on it where it displays a kind of native desktop. It cost in money but it’s worth it.

Paper wallets are basically not for every cryptocurrency user. In general, it requires some of the high caution in order to make transactions. On this wallet your private keys and public address will be printed on a piece of paper yet this may be a good way in order to protect your data. Thus, all private keys are offline while utilize it.

Desktop wallet is one of the most trustworthy and needlessly, far more superior wallets among these wallets because users have all the rights to operate this wallet including their private keys to keep an eye on every transaction. However, there is one desktop wallet available called coinremitter is the most valuable wallet across all its users.

In today’s world making an online payment through mobile is on it’s peak. Moreover, mobile wallet are easy to operate this wallet supports in Android and iOS so sleekly. Nevertheless, it contains a lot of caution because the security would become less to protect users information in order to make the quickest transaction and cut the most time. Therefore, it’s an optionable for users.

Web wallets are always connected to the internet and can be simply access through web browsers. This wallet also called as hot wallet. This wallets are not for all users so it's good to maintain a distance from this and stick to the trustworthy wallets.