Coinremitter gives its users a currency swap function which is In Built on website. In simple words users can change their coin from one to another just like converting Bitcoin from Litecoin.

In this topic we will give you the full information about how to swap coin on coinremitter.

1) Now click on the login and log yourself in by filling the details or sign up with Facebook or google.

2) after the login you are now in dashboard page. Now click on the currency swap in sidebar. After clicking on it the box of currency swap will look like this.

3) Click on the From Wallet option and select on of the coin which you have in your wallet. Make sure you have added coins in wallet and must have balance in it. Now click on
the To Currencyoption and select on the currency which you want to swap in.

4) Fill the amount in the Amount box, you can also see how much coins you will receive after swapping when you enter the amount in the box before clicking on submit.

(Please note that the amount you are entering have to be an appropriate amount or fill in the minimum amount which will be some less than your available amount.)

5) Enter your proper wallet address in Wallet Address box and click on the submit.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully swap your currency from one to another. These swapped currency will be stored in your coinremitter wallet.

7) You can also see the currency history about how many times you have swapped your currency before.

(Please take one note, before swapping coins verify the coin address properly, because sent coins can not be reserved in any case. Coinremitter is not responsible for any delay or loss of coins.)