Coinremitter the crypto payment gateway offers its users to earn up to 75% commission on the affiliate program.

This Is basically a way that, If existed users share their personal referral link across the web and the other person uses that link and deposit coin on their wallet then that user will get 75% of affiliation.

This affiliation comes from gateway’s revenue share which is withdrawal fees 0.23% that’s where users will earn from. If you want to share this link then, you can simply get an Affiliation link from here.

How affiliation works

The second thing about this program is that the more you spread these words the more you will earn from us. It’s not one time offer though.

How to send Link?

1) Once you have completed your sign up process you just need to log in In order to enter your profile. (If you haven’t joined coinremitter yet then you must signup up here)

2) After the login process, you will successfully manage to enter your profile and on the dashboard.

3) On top of the right side, you will find your Id logo. Click on the logo so you will get options like profile and sign out.

4) Click on the profile so that you can enter your profile.

5) In your profile beneath the Reference link, you will find the Link Icon. Click on that Icon therefore, your link will automatically be copied.

6) Once your link was copied you can paste It at any of your personal social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc. in order to send a link to your friends and family.

7) When they click on your referred link and If they signed up on there then, you can earn up to 75% of the processing fee (0.23%). It means if your referral deposits 1 BTC in his wallet you will get 0.001725 BTC as a referral bonus.