Coinremitter offers two plans to the merchants who are utilizing its crypto payment gateway services for accepting crypto payments, a free one and a premium one. The free plan also has its benefits when we compare it to some other market players. But with the premium plan, merchants can break the barriers of a few limitations and unlock some exclusive features that can enhance your experience of accepting crypto payments.

Here are the limitations of the free plan:

  • - Limited hours of support
  • - Limited access to crypto API requests
  • - Limited addresses per wallet

Now let’s have a look at what merchants are going to get extra by upgrading to premium:

  • - Unlimited hours of support
  • - Extended access to crypto API requests
  • - Unlimited addresses per wallet
  • - Early access to new features
  • - Managing withdrawals
  • - Access to additional cryptocurrencies
  • - Support for the gas station

Some of these add-ons or exclusive benefits need a brief introduction or explanation for a better understanding of their functionalities. Let’s have a look at them in brief:

Unlimited hours of support: Unlike the limited support with the free plan, merchants can enjoy unlimited support by upgrading to the premium plan. Merchants with the premium plan are allowed to reach out to Coinremitter’s support system whenever needed, and our support team will assist them with a necessary solution as soon as possible.

Extended access to crypto API requests: By upgrading to premium, merchants can get access to more API requests with the premium plan as compared to the ones with the free plan. Merchants can request 500 APIs per minute by upgrading to the premium plan, which is limited to 100 requests per minute with the free plan.

Unlimited addresses per wallet: Addresses per wallet are limited to 500 with Coinremitter’s free plan. However, merchants can extend this to unlimited addresses per crypto wallet by purchasing the premium plan.

Managing withdrawals: Coinremitter has a widely appreciated feature called auto-withdrawal. As Coinremitter doesn’t provide crypto wallet services to hold crypto funds, received funds get transferred to the external address within specific time frames. However, auto-withdrawals can be stopped or paused with Coinremitter’s premium plan.

Access to additional cryptocurrencies: Coinremitter supports seven cryptocurrencies with the free plan. This list gets expanded to eleven with the premium plan. Merchants can have crypto coins and tokens like Ethereum, Tron, USDT-ERC20, and USDT-TRC20 by upgrading to premium.

Support for the gas station: Coinremitter’s premium plan extends the support to the gas station, which is something exciting. Merchants can enable it to create a unique crypto wallet address, where merchants can deposit the gas balance to pay the crypto gas fees on selected crypto transactions. With the gas station, merchants can witness transaction fees significantly lower than the conventional ones.

Note: Please note that all the add-ons or extra benefits will no longer be available once the premium plan expires. However, you can renew it anytime. Please note that merchants can only pay in BTC of the equivalent amount (Eg. If the price is 99.99 USD, then merchants need to pay the BTC equivalent of that price).