There might be several doubts related to cryptocurrencies. But no one can deny the popularity of the crypto payment method among individuals. Apart from building a community, this method has caused some exciting innovations such as crypto payment gateways. Such innovations convey a strong message for a promising year. Let’s explore some interesting predictions (no less than facts) about crypto payments.

1. Global Adoption Surge

The crypto payment method is going to be widely popular this year. The beginning of 2024 has already shown some positive signs. The Spot Bitcoin ETF approval, Bitcoin’s bull run, and some other events are playing significant roles in inspiring other individuals about crypto adoption. This indicates a surge in the number of individuals relying on crypto payments. Looking at the current scenario, the estimated number of individuals sending or receiving cryptocurrencies as payments may rise by 150% in Q3 2024 compared to Q3 2023.

2. Retail Revolution

We’ve mostly seen some large-scale online businesses and wholesalers accepting crypto payments, which is acceptable. The lack of crypto awareness has been a concern for retailers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, seeing others accepting crypto payments and spending over 50% less on transaction fees has inspired SMB merchants to explore this method. We can say that word-of-mouth publicity can let us witness 20% more SMBs accepting crypto payments by the end of 2024.

3. Stablecoin Dominance

Some individuals have been skeptical of volatility in cryptocurrency prices. But stablecoins like USDT and USDC don’t have much volatility usually. This has always encouraged individuals to lean towards them. But we’re yet to witness their mass adoption. As fiat-pegged stablecoins are quite safe and most crypto payment gateways support at least one of them, we can expect about 70% of crypto transactions to be processed in stablecoins. Their stability and ease of use make them perfect for everyday purchases.

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4. Payments Via Smartphones

Over 50% of crypto payments may be processed using smartphones. We may see more individuals making crypto payments using their smartphones. This method can be as easy as worldwide bank transfers or UPI transactions (in India and France). Keeping smartphone users in mind, service providers limited to desktops may come forward and provide mobile-friendly services to capture more audiences.

5. Increase in Cross-Border Transactions

This has been one of the key advantages of accepting crypto payments. Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a reliable option for merchants or service providers who are reaching out to global customers. There are over 17 Million Bitcoin transactions till now (From Jan 1, 2024). After seeing such stats, we can expect the annual crypto transaction volume to cross USD 100 Million as cryptocurrencies can be better options, especially while making cross-border payments.

6. Content Monetization

Creators might be able to monetize their content on social media and earn rewards in crypto this year. The beginning of 2024 was full of X (formerly Twitter) speculations of extending its support for crypto payments. If this happens, over 520 million monetizable X users will be able to earn rewards in crypto. This news has already caused a significant rise in Dogecoin’s value. So we can expect more wonders in the future.

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7. Emerging Markets Focus

Cryptocurrencies can be proven powerful in developing economies. As cryptocurrencies offer easier access to financial services by eliminating traditional banking limitations, the number of individuals making payments in cryptocurrencies may rise by 20% in such economies. The calendar year of 2024 may sum up all the advantages of cryptocurrencies and may be the beginning of mass adoption.

8. CBDCs on the Rise

According to the Atlantic Council, a total of 11 countries have launched their own cryptocurrencies (Central Bank Digital Currencies/CBDCs). 19 of the G20 nations are already in the advanced stage of developing CBDCs, which indicates the addition of more CBDCs in 2024, which may probably increase the competition. Some crypto payment gateways may also integrate them to include more diverse options.

9. Stricter Regulations Might be Incoming

This is something that might be unwanted among crypto investors. Governments might be noticing everything related to crypto and may start imposing stricter regulations for crypto transactions in 2024. However, this might not be good news, but privacy-focused individuals can also look for crypto payment gateways without KYC if they’re worried about such stricter crypto regulations.

10. Higher Sustainability

In September 2023, a year after Ethereum changed its consensus mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, 99.95% less electricity consumption was recorded for confirming transactions. As the world has started going green, we can expect more cryptocurrencies to change their consensus in 2024 for the sake of higher sustainability.


The calendar year of 2024 is going to be interesting for crypto payments. While stablecoins and CBDCs are going to provide more reliable options to individuals, stricter regulations might be demoralizing at some level. However, we can predict a bright future for cryptocurrencies without any/less hurdles. So, let’s stick to the current facts and expect the best in the future.