As coinremitter provides many of functionality to its customers then, webhook is also one of them.

coinremitter webhook is your website url that will use as instant payment notifications when someone deposit fund on your wallet address. You can add webhook url while adding new wallet and you can update it latter on wallet detail page. Coinremitter will send post data to webhook url once transaction get enough confirmation. you can check how post data looks like here

However, for sometime users have to verify that webhook in order to make yourself confirm that If It’s working or not. Regardless, you will need to use this form when you troubleshoot your integration.

How to test my webhook?

1)  At first, If you want to test webhook performance then you must login on coinremitter.

2) When you come on your dashboard then you will find Webhook you must click on it.

3)  After clicking on It you will ended up webhook page.

4)  At the right side of the page you will find box which will look like this.

5)  In that box you can read such information like wallet, Trx ID, Amount and Confirmation.

6)  Fill all the information correctly. First click on the wallet and select one of your wallet.

7)  In the second box write your transaction ID which will be appropriate and you must confirm several of times.

8)  In the third Box fill up the right amount as you per your requirement.

9)  In the last box called Confirmation write down about how many of transaction will be confirmed 1 or 2? Write It as per your requirement.

10) After filling up all the details click on Send.

11) Now you have successfully send webhook to your url.