Security is an important factor in online transactions, and one must be aware of with while processing crypto transactions. Though there are several advantages of accepting crypto payments like no possibility of fraudulent chargebacks, account security must be concerned. Though almost all accounts on crypto platforms are secure, added layers take account security to another level.

Coinremitter’s crypto payment gateway solution offers multiple features to ensure account security. These features help users keep their accounts safe by showing some extraordinary stats and different login processes. Here is the list of these security features:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Code card
  • Login history
  • Login shield
  • Login notification
  • Active login

Let’s understand these features one by one.

Two-factor Authentication:

Coinremitter allows you to enable two-factor authentication to ensure layered security on crypto payments. You can use this feature to prevent suspicious activities from fraudsters and hackers. Two-factor authentication allows you to give a confirmation while logging in. Two-factor authentication can be done with the help of Google Authenticator. A QR code will be displayed. It can be scanned in Google Authenticator to get the OTP. This OTP can be entered to finish the login process.

Code Card:

In case you lose access to Google Authenticator, you can use the code card to retain your Coinremitter account. Code card helps you to disable two-factor authentication in emergency cases to get your account back. You can enable this option to avoid such loopholes.

Login History:

This feature can be used to keep a record of logins. By going to ‘login history’, you can get a list of recent logins of your account. This list contains some important details like the IP address of the device used to log in, the location and the duration.

Login Shield:

The login shield is just like two-factor authentication. You can enable it to add a layer to your login process. You will receive an OTP on your registered email after enabling the login shield for every login. You won’t be allowed to log in without entering the OTP after enabling this option.

Active Login:

This feature can be used to track active logins. The screen of active logins will contain all the details of login history along with the option of logging out. This will give you the authority of logging out from any of the active devices.


Having six extraordinary security features make Coinremitter not just the most secure crypto payment gateway, but the most reliable one too. That is possible because of the presence of the features like the lowest processing fees on crypto withdrawals, open-source plugins, APIs, affiliation programs and many more.