Dropping dips: What Is Happening With Cryptocurrencies?

There are lots of ups and downs happening in the crypto world.

So let’s take a look at what might be causing it, whether you are an investor or not it will affect you directly or indirectly.

The huge drop in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies comes as a swarm of negative news and events, ranging from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

To a fresh new round of Chinese government laws, which have impacted an asset class that has been characterized by high volatility since its inception.

The main cryptocurrency plunged to more than three-month lows, dropping to under $34,000.

At one point for a drop of more than 30% and continuing a week of promotion within the crypto market.

Ether, the primary token for the Ethereum blockchain network, fell significantly.

And fell underneath $2,000 at one point, a decrease of higher than 40%.

Since September, the price of bitcoin has increased by more than 200 percent

The result of a strong bull movement fueled in part by hedge fund managers, banks, and other corporations acting to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Retreats by supported institutions.

Part of the reason for bitcoin’s weakness looks to be at least a momentary reversal inside the concept of broader cryptocurrency attraction.

Musk announced earlier this year that he was looking for more than $1 billion of it for his automaker’s balance sheet.

Several bill businesses announced that they were updating their capabilities for more crypto activities.

Major Wall Street banks began working on crypto purchasing and selling groups for their clientele.

However, Musk said recently that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin as payment, citing environmental concerns.

Effect of regulation

Bitcoin and associated assets have also grown in importance in the global financial industry, attracting the attention of regulatory bodies all over the world.

China, which is creating its state-owned cryptocurrency, repeated its prohibitions on other cryptocurrencies, to prohibit financial firms from offering cryptocurrency trading services.

In the United States, Gary Gensler, the recently appointed head of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Stated earlier this month that regulators should be “technologically neutral,” but the US cryptocurrency industry needs stronger consumer protection.

The Market effect

The surge in popularity of Dogecoin (which started as a joke and then grew with Musk’s support)

May further damage overall trust in the cryptocurrency industry.

Rather than an increase in institutional interest, the bull market is associated with an increase in speculative day trading inequities.

There has been an upsurge in interest in other cryptocurrencies with bad reputations in recent weeks.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy claimed that he had acquired $40,000 worth of Safemoon cryptocurrency.

Which he regarded as a poor coin.


Although these changes may not take long,they will definitely bring numerous changes to the crypto market.

And related services,as well as providers such as Coinremitter,Coinbase,etc.

However, people also have the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, because it has fallen so far.

And people can bear the risk of investment, but we cannot say how much Bitcoin will fall.

In general, the market tends to repeat itself. If it drops so much, it is likely to rise again, but we don’t know how.

Knowledge Tutorials

What is Token Burning: Understand Everything

Token burning is not something that you can burn with fire. We will come to soon what is token burning and many other things that you need to know.

The primary goal of token burning is to increase the effectiveness of the other tokens in Distribution.

Many cryptocurrencies have a small total number that can survive, and thus, knowing the need for the token is the same.

If there are few in distribution, the value can possibly increase.

Moreover, token burning has been embraced by several crypto-currency ventures to limit the availability of their tokens.

Let’s address the token burning more in-depth.

What is Token Burning?

Token burning implies the continuing removal of existing cryptocurrency coins from distribution. 

There are particularly two ways to burn tokens.

Either by buying the existing tokens from the market or by taking the current currency out of circulation.

To store tokens, the place would be anywhere, like in a team wallet, or also it could be tokens that are not allocated.

Some of the firms burn tokens as a one-off event, while others maintain quarterly burns, such as Binance and OKEx.

How and why companies burn tokens depends heavily on what they are planning to achieve.

As standard fiat currencies are not typically burned, the burning process is distinct to the cryptocurrency, although the flow of available currency is otherwise regulated.

Token burning is analogous to the notion of publicly held corporate share buybacks that decrease the amount of available stock.

NOW let’s delve into how the method of token burning works.

Token Burning Process

Token burning can take place in a variety of ways.

The aim is to decrease the current number of available tokens. It does not literally kill burning tokens but makes them difficult to use in the future.

The token burning process the redemption or withdrawal by the project developers of the available currency, and then its removal from circulation.

Moreover, a special public wallet known as the eater address is put with token signatures, that available to all nodes but permanently blocked.

However there are several ways to burn tokens, and this depends on the intent of the operation.

After the end of the initial coin offer, others will use a one-off burn to delete unsold tokens from circulation. Others opt to burn coins periodically at static or variable cycles.

Binance, for example, as part of the pledge to hit 100 million burned BNB tokens, it burns tokens per quarter.

The number of tokens differs from the number of purchases per quarter carried out on the network.

if we speak about the stablecoin like Tether, as they deposit funds into their reserves and burn the equivalent amount as funds are extracted or withdrawn, it will generate tokens.

Why are Businesses Burning Tokens?

There are multiple reasons that an organization would want to burn tokens, and for token holders, all of them have value. 

The most prevalent explanation is to increase the value of each token by reducing the current supply.

Theoretically, fewer coins are available for sale and transactions mean that each particular token is more valuable. Indeed, this is why most cryptocurrencies are either in circulation or in future supply for a finite sum.

Projects will increase the value of the current supply of each token holder and establish rewards for ongoing support by taking controls over the figurative faucet.

Token burns may be the result of an error correction in certain situations.

Moreover, about security tokens, which allow holders to a project’s dividends, token burning operates just like corporate buyback of stock.

Coins can be bought back at good prices and then burned immediately to maximize the value of the current token quantity of each holder.

And at last, some projects use token burns to prevent spammed transactions. And to add a layer of protection, some projects use token burns.

Are There Any Advantages of Buring Tokens?

It may seem like token burns are intended to offer an advantage to ventures, but the fact is that both developers and investors profit from the process.

Burning tokens can help stabilize the value of a coin in certain cases and prevent future price inflation.

Stability offers a greater incentive for investors to retain the coins and holds values at more desirable rates, thus keeping network uptime and bandwidth safe.

Token burns also project a sense of trust and reliability, particularly at the early stages of the coin production.

Moreover, like halving, burning tokens limits availability. The price would automatically go up if the demand remains the same or rises.

However, If demand goes down, then burning won’t have much impact.

When it comes to Ripple, token burning enhances consumer protection and helps them to speed up their transactions safely without improper incentives.

The reason is that there is no incentive to charge higher except for quicker execution to charge higher rates, consumers can believe that the network will be used more wisely.

Final Thoughts

Token burning is offering to be an efficient way to preserve a stable crypto-ecosystem. 

Future cryptocurrencies will absolutely utilize this mechanism with time by giving its numerous perks, particularly in a coin’s infancy stage.


How to make money with cryptocurrency: 10 Legit Strategies

Who doesn’t like to earn handsome money these days? TODAY we are come up with the most valid topic on how to make money with cryptocurrency.

You have certainly heard of many different ways to make a good profit online. But you probably have not heard about making money from cryptocurrencies.

YES! It’s possible to make money with cryptocurrencies. 

But what are the ways that you can leverage and start earning money from cryptocurrencies?

There are several ways you can make money, some of which don’t even require you to spend anything but your time and efforts.

Here are the ten PROVEN ways that are well working and many have been using it to make money with cryptocurrency.

We will assure you that you’ll find them very effective.

Let’s dive in…

10 Authentic ways of how to make money with cryptocurrency

First of all, YES you can make money through cryptocurrency, but only if it brings obvious advantages to you.

We are not covering here any false or fraudulent strategies. 

The methods presented below are LEGAL and GENUINE. In long-term business, these are always the most profitable and effective tactics.


Buy and hodl is a popular way to earn from cryptocurrencies. With this strategy, you can buy some cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.

Now you have to hold until the price of the cryptocurrencies that you bought surges. 

You can sell them in the market, once you get your desired price. However, before holding one of these currencies, make sure to analyze its 2-3 years record of how it was performed throughout the year.

Moreover, do not hold in any random altcoins, only invest in what gives you higher profits in the long run.

Because cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, etc. are good for long-term investment and HODLing.

How to buy it?

If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can buy it straight from its official website so there is no chance of your transaction to get hacked.

How to sell?

To sell Bitcoin, you can consider these platforms that include Binance, Poloniex, Localbitcoins, Bitmex, etc.


The way people interact with their money is changing by decentralised finance (DeFi).

To earn from Defi will not be daunting for you. Defi is the replacement of conventional financial services through the use of blockchain services, specifically borrowing and lending.

Defi projects enable users to borrow money from liquidity providers (lenders) at a better rate than most banks ever would, enabling you to provide borrowers with liquidity and gain up to 11 percent interest.

The advantage is that Defi eliminates the need for a middle man, lenders and borrowers can openly use smart contracts to interact with each other.


Trade is considered the most profitable way to earn money with digital currencies.

To do trading on a crypto exchange, simply buy a cryptocurrency that you want to trade with.

Now hold it for some time and wait for the best opportunity to sell it and get the most out of it.

Sounds easy? Actually NO.

It requires certain skills and experience in trading cryptocurrencies. Most importantly the ability to understand the charts, technical indicators, and basic knowledge of blockchain and various projects.

Many individuals use Day Trading to earn sufficient profits by selling and buying cryptocurrencies on the same day. The same process goes with the Day Trading.

Furthermore, liquidity is a trading platform where it is possible to buy or sell a particular asset on the market quickly without having a considerable impact on its price.

NOTE: Consider that liquidity trading information is for your knowledge only, however, it is not the recommended option.

Also, it is advisable to use or invest in well-known crypto coins rather than go after unpopular altcoins.


Investing is the way you can consider making money easily from cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is buy assets for a longer period of time.

But make sure you don’t hold the crypto-assets for a SHORT time because it’s extremely volatile. However, there are tremendous benefits over a longer period of time.

This investment strategy will give you a return not only through the price appreciation of the coin/token you buy but also through your share of the project.

In addition, we do not suggest investing in altcoins or in erc20 tokens. 


Crypto dividends work as you invest in a cryptocurrency with a dividend and gain fixed interest on your investment.

For the time that you want to gain interest, you will need to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies.

Well, there are range of crypto coins that will pay you for merely purchasing their digital assets and holding them.

The best thing about these coins that pay holders a dividend is that you don’t even have to stake them, especially in a wallet.

If you want to invest in dividend cryptocurrencies for interest then here are the followings: NEO, NEXO.


This approach is very essential as well as very beneficial for merchants and every business owner out there.

You can use crypto exchanges such as Coinremitter to enable your customers to make purchases on your website.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currency without the need to convert to other currencies and can be freely transacted and used worldwide.

You can integrate some of the popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Consider integrating Coinremitter TODAY to take your business across the world by accepting your daily payments via cryptocurrencies. Check out the integration process.


You must have heard the word “mining” because it is one of the oldest ways to make money with cryptocurrency.

People have been mining cryptocurrencies since the first cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” was launched.

Yes, it is still feasible to mine cryptos like Bitcoin (you are probably thinking this) but not with your home computer.

These days the process of mining is way much tougher than before.

Mining cryptos require high-end graphic cards, a well-built computer system, an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), and a lot of electricity.

Before doing this, you should have the sound knowledge of how to mine cryptocurrencies like the currency demand on the market, market conditions, etc.

Moreover, this method requires an expert’s advice, technical skills, substantial upfront, and initial investment.


Yield farming is emerging as one of the most popular ways for investors to earn their investment revenue from their investments in digital assets.

By putting funds in a DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol, yield farming gives people the ability to earn interest, fixed or variable.

SO, how can one make money with it?

An investor uses a platform to lend out their digital assets, earning a return that ultimately stems from borrowers paying an asset premium.

You need to understand that there are THREE ways from which yield can be harvested, this includes money markets, liquidity pools, and incentive schemes.

NOTE: Here is the list of farming projects to invest in. However, Coinremitter does not endorse anything.


This is a tactic not to forget. The idea is very simple to earn, all you need to do is register on the website, and you will get your unique referral code/link and you are all set. 

You can start referring and earning right away.

This is one of the legit ways to earn cryptocurrency, as there are no investments needed as well.

Crypto exchanges are the easiest way to locate a referral program. It is vital to look for a renowned cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinremitter.

In Coinremitter affiliate Program, you can earn up to 75% commissions straight from their revenues.

Schemes/fraud like Ponzi which are quite lucrative for investors. 

They promise large profits to consumers or investors based primarily on hiring others to join their programme, not based on profits from any real investment or actual sale to the public of goods.

SO, only invest or attend the trusted referral systems/programme which gives you the direct profit/commission from their revenue.


Arbitrage of cryptocurrencies is a form of trading that leverages price differences to make a profit. 

To understand simply, such price differences, usually referred to as “arbitrage spreads,” can be used at a lower price to buy a cryptocurrency and then sell it at a higher price.

There are two techniques exist, regular arbitrage and triangular arbitrage.

In regular arbitrage, you can buy and sell the same digital assets on various exchanges with major price differences.

However, in triangular arbitrage, there are price differences among the three currencies on the same exchange. 

There are some popular exchanges in which you can apply these two methods: Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bithumb, etc.

You can take advantage of price differences by several conversions. Although, both methods are valid and you can make a good profit out of them.


Now you have got a plethora of choices to make money through cryptos, and also you won’t need to search further for how to make money with cryptocurrency.

For those who already have funds and experience in the crypto industry, holding and trading might be the best option for them.

Do research well before taking any action and also study the market situation. The above ways are 100% genuine, understand it well, and start your earning.

By the way, do share your thoughts and experience with which method that you have tried or you are going to leverage it.


Understanding Blockchains and how cryptocurrencies work

What is blockchains?

To understand blockchain technology, a blockchain Is usually known as a group of blocks that are bound to each other by using cryptography. Computer networks can maintain all of these blocks that call peer to peer networks. These networks are either centralized or decentralized.

The main purpose of blockchain technology is to contain information in every block. There is a digital key that protects the block. 

Since the crypto-coins market commands its peak these blockchains are principally used among these markets. Moreover, the decentralized cryptocurrency market means there aren’t many Influences of centralized agencies like banks and central government.

Sometimes to perceive Blockchains may become delicate for folks. However, in exceedingly traditional words centralized agencies open largely Information that might be simply accessible to everyone. 

There are ample crypto payment gateways accepted blockchain technology to send/receive coins, save invoices, and alternative details to store.

What is transaction fees? Or withdrawal fees?

Transaction fees are basically a charge you have to pay if you transfer coins from your wallet to someone else’s wallet.

There are many crypto coins gateways that charge withdrawal fees according to their circumstances. Some of them take charges individually according to multifarious countries also payment gateway like Coinremitter takes only one charge in order to send coins across the border and no matter where that user is from.

In addition, these transaction fees are the main revenue of some gateways. in contrast, it doesn’t apply on other gateways because they have also found other ways to earn more than their revenue.

The individuals are paid to those minors who make transactions possible. Eventually, they paid them from revenue.

However, each and every transaction history will be saved in blockchains whenever users made their transactions within the border or across the border.

Minors can see all these transactions to avoid errors which create resistance when transfers between the process.

What is cryptocurrency wallet? – Where to store crypto coins?

What is the crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet/crypto coin wallet is a function that every crypto coin holder can use to sends/receives coins into their wallet. In addition, it only accepts that one coin in a wallet, which that wallet would make from that coin.

Each wallet holds its private keys and the only owner of that wallet would have accessibility in order to open wallet. It also holds a public address in order to send coins within their wallet.

If someone accidentally deletes their wallet, then all the remaining funds from that deleted wallet will not transfer because users have the full authority about what to do with the wallet.

Moreover, blockchain technology can save all your funds and wallet information securely.

How to accept coins on websites?

The types of services provided by Individuals are subtle sometimes. There may have one route to accept crypto coins within the website is to create a wallet of crypto coins.

Coinremitter provides the simplest way to create a wallet and start accepting or sending coins on individuals’ wallets.

You can click here to see more about how to accept coins in your websites (how to create a wallet on coinremitter)

This is the easiest way by far everyone knows.

How many types of crypto coin wallets are available on the internet?

There are eventually 5 types of cryptocurrency wallets available on the internet.

1) Hardware wallets

2) Paper wallets

3)Desktop wallets 

4)Mobile wallet

5) Web wallets

From the starting of hardware software, this type of wallet is mainly unique because it comes in the form of a USB device that contains an LED screen on it where it displays a kind of native desktop. It cost money but it’s worth it.

Paper wallets are basically not for every cryptocurrency user. In general, it requires some of the high cautions in order to make transactions. On this wallet, your private keys and public address will go to print on a piece of paper yet this may be a good way in order to protect your data. Thus, all private keys are offline while utilizing it.

A desktop wallet is one of the most trustworthy and needlessly, far more superior wallets among these wallets because users have all the rights to operate this wallet including their private keys to keep an eye on every transaction. However, there is one desktop wallet available called coinremitter is the most valuable wallet across all its users.

In today’s world making an online payment through mobile is at its peak. Moreover, mobile wallets are easy to operate this wallet supports Android and iOS so sleekly. Nevertheless, it contains a lot of caution because the security would become less to protect users’ information in order to make the quickest transaction and cut the most time. Therefore, it’s optionable for users.

Web wallets are always connected to the internet and can be simply accessed through web browsers. This wallet also called a hot wallet. These wallets are not for all users so it’s good to maintain a distance from this and stick to the trustworthy wallets.


How to create a wallet on Coinremitter?

1) To create a wallet on Coinremitter this is the step by step process.

2) First, click on login and fill your email and password when the login box will appear.

3) After the login process dashboard will pop up on your screen. On the left sidebar, you will see the wallet option. You must click on the wallet.

4) Click on the New button. Then, a new wallet creates a page that will pop up on your screen.

5) When you click on the wallet, a page will appear which will look like this.

6) You will see such Information to fill up in order to create a wallet. Select a coin first which you want to create a wallet of It. (ex. If you want to create a Bitcoin wallet then click on bitcoin. The same process applied on other coins too.)

7) Coinremitter allows its users to make a wallet from these coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Doge, USDT, Dash, etc.

8) Fill Information like Wallet name, Wallet Password, select an appropriate option of Select withdrawal type. If you select Automatic option then your coins will be automatically withdrawn to the external wallet address. It will be good If you select a manual option then rest Is up to you.

(Note: Fill up withdrawal limit if you want to. Because If you set the limit then you can only withdraw those coins until you reach your everyday limit or in other words, if you reach the daily limit before 24 hours then, you will not be able to withdraw coins. So, select an appropriate option. If you leave that box empty then, there is no limit to the number of coins you can withdraw.)

9) then, you will see the Webhook URL. it is your website URL where the coinremitter will post data if any incoming transaction record in your wallet.

10) After that fill the Webhook Confirmation box if you set a webhook URL. It’s basically you have to set 2 numbers value in that box like ‘3’. It’s mandatory because If you fill that box then coinremitter will send webhook data on 2nd confirmation if you set up this value.

11) You will see whitelist IP / Domain. You can also leave this box.

12) You can set on a select wallet logo and choose any of your wallet logos because this logo will appear in the invoice.

13) Make sure you double-check all of your details before clicking on create a new wallet. If any Information went wrong you will fail at creating your wallet. After checking all your Information clicks on create a new wallet.

14) Congratulations! You have successfully created your wallet on Coinremitter.