Dropping dips: What Is Happening With Cryptocurrencies?

There are lots of ups and downs happening in the crypto world.

So let’s take a look at what might be causing it, whether you are an investor or not it will affect you directly or indirectly.

The huge drop in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies comes as a swarm of negative news and events, ranging from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

To a fresh new round of Chinese government laws, which have impacted an asset class that has been characterized by high volatility since its inception.

The main cryptocurrency plunged to more than three-month lows, dropping to under $34,000.

At one point for a drop of more than 30% and continuing a week of promotion within the crypto market.

Ether, the primary token for the Ethereum blockchain network, fell significantly.

And fell underneath $2,000 at one point, a decrease of higher than 40%.

Since September, the price of bitcoin has increased by more than 200 percent

The result of a strong bull movement fueled in part by hedge fund managers, banks, and other corporations acting to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Retreats by supported institutions.

Part of the reason for bitcoin’s weakness looks to be at least a momentary reversal inside the concept of broader cryptocurrency attraction.

Musk announced earlier this year that he was looking for more than $1 billion of it for his automaker’s balance sheet.

Several bill businesses announced that they were updating their capabilities for more crypto activities.

Major Wall Street banks began working on crypto purchasing and selling groups for their clientele.

However, Musk said recently that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin as payment, citing environmental concerns.

Effect of regulation

Bitcoin and associated assets have also grown in importance in the global financial industry, attracting the attention of regulatory bodies all over the world.

China, which is creating its state-owned cryptocurrency, repeated its prohibitions on other cryptocurrencies, to prohibit financial firms from offering cryptocurrency trading services.

In the United States, Gary Gensler, the recently appointed head of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Stated earlier this month that regulators should be “technologically neutral,” but the US cryptocurrency industry needs stronger consumer protection.

The Market effect

The surge in popularity of Dogecoin (which started as a joke and then grew with Musk’s support)

May further damage overall trust in the cryptocurrency industry.

Rather than an increase in institutional interest, the bull market is associated with an increase in speculative day trading inequities.

There has been an upsurge in interest in other cryptocurrencies with bad reputations in recent weeks.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy claimed that he had acquired $40,000 worth of Safemoon cryptocurrency.

Which he regarded as a poor coin.


Although these changes may not take long,they will definitely bring numerous changes to the crypto market.

And related services,as well as providers such as Coinremitter,Coinbase,etc.

However, people also have the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, because it has fallen so far.

And people can bear the risk of investment, but we cannot say how much Bitcoin will fall.

In general, the market tends to repeat itself. If it drops so much, it is likely to rise again, but we don’t know how.


Bitcoin vs Ethereum: What is the Exact Difference in 2020

Today we are going to discuss Bitcoin vs Ethereum (huge currencies in the market), like what are the similarities, the differences, etc.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market and new ones are coming day by day, yet these two currencies still stand on TOP.

However, if we talk about the blockchain of Ethereum then it is totally different from bitcoin’s blockchain.

Bitcoin was exclusively developed as a digital currency while the Ethereum blockchain is a more general blockchain technology implementation.

Both coins allow anonymous transactions and there is no government involvement in managing or controlling the currency. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows people to send and receive money around the world. It is the main cryptographic capital ever to exist. Read everything about Bitcoin here.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open platform for blockchain, allowing everyone to create and use decentralized apps running on blockchain technology.

It is an open-source project created by many people around the globe. It is the same as a Bitcoin no one owns or handles the Ethereum.

However, Ethereum is totally different from the Bitcoin protocol, Ethereum was designed to be flexible and scalable.

Moreover, Ethereum allows users to build their own operations of whatever complexity they choose, rather than giving users a collection of predefined operations (for example, Bitcoin transactions). 

Ethereum allows smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) to be deployed and run without any third party downtime, fraud, control, or intervention.

Ethereum’s potential applications are wide and driven by its native cryptographic token, ETHER.

Ether is like the fuel on the Ethereum platform for running commands and is used by developers to create and run applications on the platform.

Ether is primarily used for two purposes. First, it is used as a digital currency exchange in the same way as other cryptocurrencies and second, it is used to operate applications on the Ethereum network.

Now let’s dig in straight to the Bitcoin vs Ethereum.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Comparison

Bitcoin and Ethereum both have been gaining great hype these days.

Moreover, Bitcoin has become a globally famous and well-known cryptocurrency. it still has the largest market value compared to all of the cryptocurrencies available right now.

Conversely, Ethereum did not have a groundbreaking influence like Bitcoin, but its developer learned from Bitcoin and created more features based on Bitcoin principles.

Ethereum is actually the second-most-value cryptocurrency on the market.

Let’s understand the difference by considering the various aspects.


Bitcoin is a digital currency or also it can be considered as an alternate currency. Whereas, Ethereum enables peer-to-peer contracts and applications via its own currency vehicle.

That’s why Bitcoin has emerged as a digital currency which is more secure, while Ethereum is more about smart contract apps.

By serving as a building platform for DApps/smart contracts, Ethereum also differs, allowing it to submit tokens that represent values.

Other than digital currencies, these values can be stuff, making it distinct from Bitcoin.

Price predictions:

As per the investing purpose, let’s first talk about the price prediction of both ETC & BTC. 

BTC closely follows the pattern of the previous two halves, as per the stock-to-flow price model. 

The model indicates that, over this four-year halving period, BTC could hit $288,000.

Likewise, data research firm Econometrics recently released a $41,000 price target for BTC by the end of 2020.

All in all, both cryptocurrencies may be interesting opportunities for investment and have a position in an investment portfolio.


In Bitcoin, with the method known as work proof, miners can verify transactions. The same process goes with the Ethereum.

However, Ethereum is going to switch to proof of stake. Now, what is proof of stake, well with proof of stake, a person can mine or validate the transaction in a block based on how many coins he owns. 

In the case of Bitcoin, each time a miner adds a block to the blockchain, he will be rewarded with 12.5 Bitcoins. The next time the payout will be cut in half in 2020.

For Ethereum, any time a block is added to the blockchain, a miner or validator obtains a value of 3 ether in Ethereum, and the reward will never be halved.


Starting with Bitcoin, for each and every transaction, miners charge certain transaction fees.

If you want to process your transactions more efficiently, you can apply larger fees to your transaction which can then attract miners.

On the other hand, Ethereum does not use transaction fees, but it has a gas system. Gas is a device that calculates the amount of machine effort needed to conduct such operations.

Solidity is used to code all the smart contracts that run in the EVM. A certain amount of gas is required for each line of code in solidity to be computed.

Block Size:

One of the most asked question is the “block size”. 

In comparing Bitcoin versus Ethereum, the block size is significant. It plays a key role in the determination of a blockchain’s transaction costs, confirmation times, and scalability.

Currently, blocks are 1 MB on the Bitcoin network. Disagreements about the size of the block finally led to Bitcoin Cash produced as Bitcoin’s fork.

Whereas talking about Ethereum, the size of the block measured in gas, with each block limited to 12.5 million gases.

As recently as June 2020, the gas limit was raised from 10 million to relieve the burden on the network, improve processing capacity, and minimize the fees.

Daily Transactions:

Bitcoin has been handling more than 25k+ transactions per day. The last record on 29 Sept 2020 was 297814. 

As cryptocurrency interest grew and cryptocurrency market caps hit peaks during the crypto boom of 2017-early 2018, regular transactions on December 14, 2017, also grew to a total of 490644 transactions.

On the contrary, the daily amount of transactions done on the Ethereum network is represented by Ethereum Transactions Per Day.

Ethereum Transactions Per Day is at a current level of 1.088M on 29 Sept 2020. It was the highest recorded at 1.35 million transactions on January 4, 2018.


As for the average amount of time, it takes 10 minutes for Bitcoin to add a block to the blockchain and It just takes about 12 to 15 seconds for Ethereum.

Check out our guide on which cryptocurrency offers the fastest transaction speed.

Hash Algorithms:

Hashing algorithms mean how these systems can protect their privacy and ensure safety. 

Bitcoin uses an SHA-256 hashing algorithm, whereas Ethereum uses a cryptographic algorithm called Ethash.


In terms of technology, Ethereum takes the prize. Here are the reasons why Ethereum is better at technology than Bitcoin. 

  • In 2015, the Ethereum blockchain was released. In contrast to the Bitcoin blockchain (released in 2009), it is 6 years younger and further established.
  • Ethereum brought smart contracts. Moreover, you can use smart contracts for a lot many things compared to Bitcoin uses.
  • A more advanced edition of Bitcoin’s blockchain is Ethereum’s blockchain. It solves some of its problems and adds new functionality, such as smart contracts.
  • Ethereum’s transactions cost much less, yet they are faster too.
  • Last but the least, The transaction fees of Ethereum are far lower than the transaction fees of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum: which currency is better

Though, both currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own advantages. 

Bitcoin has a smaller supply of coins and is more liquid than Ethereum, but Ethereum has stronger technology than Bitcoin and offers more benefits.

Moreover, if we talk about the peer-to-peer transaction system, then Bitcoin works better. And Ethereum works well when you need to develop and build distributed applications and smart contracts.

Now the decision is on your own!


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly important and useful

Even if you are not a serious investor/merchant in cryptography, by buying BTC or ETH tokens, you will not go wrong. 

They both add enormous value to the world of crypto.

Ethereum has unlimited use cases, whereas Bitcoin just solves problems with transfers and banking.

No doubt, Bitcoin has a better value and position in the market, but Ethereum has improved technology and greater ability.

If you want either of these currencies to use on your website as a payment option you can consider the reliable payment gateway “Coinremitter”. Which can seamlessly handle all your transactions.

SO, what are your thoughts on Bitcoin vs Ethereum? Have you figured out which currency works best for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments, we would love to hear.


What Is Bitcoin Halving And How Often It Occurs?

An event that takes place in the upcoming few months. The event is called Bitcoin Halving.

Halving is the process where Bitcoins have to go through a process when it reaches 210,000 blocks.

The process will continue until the network has generated a maximum supply of 21 million Bitcoins.

The halving process also occurs to miners. The rewards every miner receives after every transaction of bitcoin will be halved and miners will receive 50% fewer bitcoins for the transaction they verify.

The halving process is the most important even among the traders. In contrast, the number of bitcoins production is being stopped during this process therefore, it becomes so obvious to see the rise of bitcoin price due to high demand.

However, it statically happened a few months before the halving process started which accordingly caused bitcoin price dramatically.

How often does it occur? 

Next bitcoin halving is happening in 2020 conversely, the date and month are not yet known.

Bitcoin halving occurs every 4 years. In general, the previous halving took its place on 9 July 2016 therefore, it might be possible if 2020 halving takes its place in the month of May or June.

Although, it will leave a major impact on the miners as before the previous halving happened miners used to get 50 BTC on every transaction.

When this tragedy occurred miners received 50% less BTC which means price dropped from 50 BTC to 25 BTC

However, this halving price/reward will also drop down from 25 BTC to 12.5 BTC for each bitcoin transaction.

The reward will cut in half till the last bitcoin halving.

What will happen to the bitcoin price?

As many bitcoin experts have said, the price of bitcoin may follow the same structure to the two previous halvings.

On 7 February 2020 bitcoin bounce on $10,000. It seems strange that halving will happen and suddenly the price surge up just like in the previous halving bitcoin price raised from $576 to $650.

Regardless, the bitcoin price is consequently dependent on its supply though sometimes demand could remain static.

However, since trading has become more mature traders are now more likely to invest in other cryptocurrencies too.

Therefore, when bitcoin surmounted its $10,000 price in the current month, then it led everyone to one conclusion that demand of this coin is high at peak nonetheless, supply is low now.

If the price of bitcoin went down then the conclusion was something else as supply would be high and demand would below.

Bitcoin Deflation

No.1 cryptocurrency in the world now. Conversely, No one shouldn’t feel hesitant while saying that bitcoin is a type of deflation.

In simple language when the time comes a supply of bitcoin will be stopped when it reaches 21 million caps.

Deep down every bitcoin trader knows that bitcoin’s concept lies within a mining process.

What will happen after the bitcoin cap reaches 21 million? 

When the supply reaches 21 million, users will not be able to get new bitcoin as the mining process will be stopped at that time. Conversely, miners will no longer receive bitcoin to verify every transaction.

Besides, they will receive transaction fees from those users who are making transactions.

Eventually, the last halving will take its place in 2140 till then, bitcoin will remain as a type of deflation.

What happened with miners when bitcoin price cut in half?

As stated earlier that when miners price cut in half, miners eventually count their price in advance and find out that the mining process would no longer be profitable for them.

In contrast, the mining process requires vast amounts of electric power and other hardware.

Some miners decide to stop mining as the resources which require mining bitcoin would cost them more than their earnings.

However, when miners step away from the process, then the software will automatically adjust and verify each and every transaction to maintain its rate and speed.


What’s The Future Of Cryptocurrency And Will It Go Beyond After Halving?

The Future of Cryptocurrency: The journey of cryptocurrency is a kind of roller coaster ride for analysts and traders.

The year 2017 the time when Bitcoin has shown its earth-shattering price conversely, price cracked down in the exact next year exponentially.

Besides, In 2019 it kept its low profile and made merchants’ faith retrieved in it. Although, At the beginning of the new year it again showed its dramatic uprising.

Therefore, by understanding the situation of bitcoin, it also does apply to other crypto coins too.

The price situation of cryptocurrency is a convoluted loop, no one knows what will happen next or can’t predict the exact situation for crypto. But one can predict it if it’d be invented by an entity.

The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Some crypto traders and analysts have predicted gigantic change in the cryptocurrencies, Especially in bitcoin.

There may be strong possibilities for crypto coins to get a skyrocketed price. Though, we have seen mass adoption to accept several crypto tokens.

Some traders would believe that acquiring with ETFs (Exchange-traded funds) would make it easy for those who want to trade in cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin.

Ever since SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) declined the idea and of several companies got a negative result from it.

Nevertheless, the part of this is still ongoing, we just have to see if SEC either gives it permission or not.

The easy way to predict the situation is that everyone will use crypto as a currency for the payment of their product and some are already accepted by firms and customers.

In the year of 2014, Microsoft has started accepting Bitcoin as a payment for game purchasing.

One of the finest things which makes cryptocurrency different from fiat currency is that it provides low-cost transaction fees. No involvement of the third party which makes less time to make the transaction possible.

John Mcafee, a British businessman, has predicted that by the end of 2020 Bitcoin will hit the mark of $1 million. Although he strongly believes that cryptocurrencies are the most trusted ones.

However, Some other cryptocurrencies are facing some problems like users’ data which are stored in the blockchain can be ransacked by hackers.

To remove this hassle blockchain network is endeavoring on this subject. In general, when the security level has gone a bit far in blockchain then, the centralized firm may endure them.

As long as crypto lovers won’t let that happen because of the fundamental law of cryptocurrency is its decentralization process.

Crypto Gateway

conversely, If we talk about merchants who have online eCommerce stores have remarkably adopted crypto payment service numbers are increasing.

Accepting cryptocurrency will help merchants to grow their business around the globe with the gained trust among the community of merchants and consumers.

Keeping an eye on the top crypto coin like Bitcoin. Ethereum and Litecoin have eventually surmounted the market cap of crypto trading price. While on the other side, new coins are still coming and adding their names in the cryptocurrency list.

In other words, what if some crypto technology brings some of the newest ideas with it? Hypothetically, developers are working on the newest concepts on how to accomplish new things through cryptocurrencies.

Price After Halving

The event which is taking place this year is Bitcoin Halving. The third bitcoin halving, which expected to be occurring in May 2020.

Alex Althausen, CEO of StormGain has said that “My advice is to keep an eye on the Bitcoin Halving in 2020, which can dramatically change the cryptocurrency supply and demand equation.

I believe it will be remembered as a historical milestone for Bitcoin and the entire industry. It could be the turning point that takes Bitcoin from a niche, unstable asset to a mainstream form of payment”.

By shadowing a light on the previous two halvings, the first halving occurred on November 28th, 2012, the time when one BTC was worth around $11.

Exact one year later it acquired $1100 price in 2013. Subsequently, the price fell down and touched the ground worth $220 and it was roaming below $1000 for a few years. 

The second Halving took its place in July 2016. In that time One BTC was worth around $600 maybe a year before when BTC reached an earth-shattering price of $20,000 in December 2017.

While third halving, taking its place and at the beginning of the year BTC had crossed $10,000 first time after it reached 20,000.

Ample of traders and experts expressed what they feel about the Next Halving. Kraken CEO said, “When I hear people talking about bitcoin, I’m thinking $100k, maybe $1m.

Another entity named Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, also believes that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 by 2021.

He added that “Supply-Demand economics remain valid, They are a great way to determine the market price. So, if the demand for a fixed-supply asset increases, we continue to see price appreciation.”

It kinda looks appropriate that if someone would predict if bitcoin price would go high or not.

But one thing to confirm that the future of cryptocurrency (bitcoin) will go higher and it may have the efficiency to compete with fiat currency. When it reaches its level or who knows maybe bitcoin will become the capital currency in the future.

If you invest in cryptocurrency or not?

Very graceful time to invest in cryptocurrency. It will benefit you whether you are a merchant or a consumer.

Cryptocurrency is conjointly a digital currency and decentralized. The price of cryptocurrencies plunges over time to time. However, it will increase exponentially too.

As I stated earlier, that bitcoin price jumps from $600 to $20,000. The best advice is that don’t blindly jump on the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies always look for a market cap and which investment suits you more and then make steps ahead.

If this volatility risk matters so much to you then, stable coins would be a good choice for investment as they are backed by real dollars.

All the opinions are from traders and analysts are better to understand. You can study them deeply and at the right time become the owner of your own cryptocurrency.


A journey of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, started in 2009.

Regardless, so many merchants and experts have to debate over the future of cryptocurrency. Despite, getting an issue in this currency.

One thing everyone admits that no matter what happens now cryptocurrencies emerging towards the miraculous performance where it would gain the reinforce and stand at the level of fiat currency.

It may take time but that day won’t be far ahead of us.


Understand the Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETFs: sSince the investment world has entered into a new era of trading it has seen a lot of new profitable curves. Cryptocurrencies holders who are trading enthusiastically are well aware of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

However, the fact is undeniable that Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Although it holds major market cap nonetheless, ample believers would believe that bitcoin price may go down as it is a digital token. Even the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) felt uneasy on to give permission to ETF to ties up with Bitcoin.

What is an ETF?

Let’s just start with the beginning and get the wholesome idea about an ETF. Exchange-Traded Fund is a fund that is simply traded on the stock market.

On the other hand, this function is so popular among traders. It is easy to invest in individual firms without the involvement of third parties or fund managers.

It works as the same as other markets do conversely. it allows everyone to drive an index that provides the same profit to the traders as other market capitals provide. ETFs may list on exchanges and ETF shares trade throughout the day just like an ordinary stock.

In the very easy word to understand, ETF provides its investors to invest without actually owning the assets. Moreover, it also helps those investors who are looking to gain more in trading but also taking guts for loss.

ETFs simply provide the alternate option to buy and sell different assets. By shadowing on the note that before buying in an ETFs make sure to read every mandatory thing. As stated up in words that stocks, commodities, bonds, and a mixture of investments are coming under ETF.

What bitcoin does with ETFs?

As everyone aware that bitcoin is the world’s largest market cap holding cryptocurrency from the past few years. As primary trading takes place with fiat currencies than someone has to come up with another trading service that will be done with cryptocurrencies so Winklevoss brothers launched exchange-traded funds based on bitcoin which was called Winklevoss bitcoin back in 2013.

Later after 4 years their registered idea rejected by the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as they had droughts over the pricing of bitcoin, fraud, and manipulation.

After the one year fighting SEC approve to the patent of Winklevoss brothers and give them permission for exchange-traded products.

In general, These two brothers are not the only ones to launch their bitcoin ETF. severals of frim in which ETF. Cboe Global Markets, Inc. who is responsible to bring bitcoin more up in the future also hoping for the green light from SEC to approve and give them a permit other digital cryptocurrencies ETFs, too.

Looking at the current bitcoin market cap it shows $131.08B as for now and It flawlessly keeps anyone’s eye on it to trade either they are venture capitalists or typical traders. Bitcoin ETFs could be the main investment tool using bitcoin as its main asset.

In general, one of the main purposes of Bitcoin ETFs is to integrate service with multifarious. Cryptocurrencies whereas make it simpler for ventures and other individual firms too.

Are there any types of bitcoin ETFs?

There are various types of ETFs like main income, price increasing, or many other things, examples are below:

  • Industry ETFs track some of the major properties like IT firm, banking system, Petroleum, and many more.
  • ETFs which are actually held bitcoin conversely, these are not actually holding bitcoin but holding bitcoin trading future in other investment options.

The Final words

In conclusion, If any individual ever wondered to trade in Bitcoin ETFs they can simply into it simultaneously. One thing to understand that the SEC has not approved any cryptocurrency ETFs.

They actually provided a big yet not small area to trade in Bitcoin ETFs. We haven’t yet got full of authority to get like fiat currency got moreover, don’t know how long this melodrama last.

In the final words until it gets full approval from the SEC. Top businesses and people still have the authority to trade and use cryptocurrency without any concern at zero risks involved in it.