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Accept Cryptocurrency As Payment In WordPress Site In 2021

As a result, when a lot of people are building a website on WordPress the need of adapting to the modern changes becomes viable, and one of them is accepting payment in cryptocurrency.

The conception of accepting digital currency on your WordPress website as a payment method is something that is worth exploring as cryptocurrencies become more and more popular.

In this article, we explore why you might think about accepting cryptocurrency and its advantages and how Coinremitter can assist you to build up your existence in the crypto world.

Why You Should Accept Payment In Cryptocurrency?

When it comes to accepting cryptocurrency the first thing that comes to mind is, it will benefit my business or not.

But you should consider that cryptocurrency can provide something that is not simply available or possible with fiat money. 

Programmable money (cryptocurrency), for example, can allow actual-time data and a precise share of profit or transaction information and different currency options, while also enhancing transparency in helping to reconcile the business.

More companies find that important customers and dealers want to use cryptocurrencies.

A new way to improve a range of more traditional financial duties is opened by cryptocurrency.

To facilitate fast, real-time, and secure movement of money, help enhance control over the wealth of the firm and deal with possible risks and opportunities in connection with digital money.

Benefits of accepting cryptocurrency if you are using WordPress

Very Less Transaction Fee

The lack of central or governmental supervision significantly lowers transaction costs by saving money in the context of limited transaction taxes.

Credit card payments are commonly accepted by small companies for each card transaction with a charge of about 25 cents plus between 2 and 4 percent of the overall transaction.

These charges mount up and hence smaller shops typically impose minimum purchases of credit cards.

Cryptocurrency Increased Changes Of Sales

Acceptance of fiat payment by clients living in several nations leads to the accumulation of lot fees and consequently becomes an issue in running the business.

But because the decentralized structure of Crypto makes it possible for small companies, who were formerly unreachable to a wide range of customers.

Because of cryptocurrency it opens and spreads its doors to worldwide consumers.

And can eventually boost their business and save a lot of extra costs they might end up spending.

How Coinremitter Can Help You In Accepting Payment In Cryptocurrency?

Coinremitter is a well-known cryptocurrency payment processor which is helping a lot of businesses with their services in the crypto sphere.

Knowing that a lot of individuals, as well as businesses, are building their E-commerce site on WordPress, Coinremitter offers a free plugin for WordPress users.

Coinremitter payment gateway plugin for WordPress is very easy to integrate, and very easy to manage.

Coinremitter supports 8 major cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin to Ethereum including Binance, and many more.

Furthermore, it is also one of the finest payment gateways, offering its services at the lowest price.

Process Of Integrating Coinremitter Plugin In WordPress

  1. To integrate the Coinremitter plugin, you need to install WooCommerce into your WordPress Site.
  2. Once done you need to open the “Plugins” option and click on “Add New”, and then search for “Coinremitter”.
  3. You’ll see “Coinremitter Crypto Payment Gateway” click on install.
  4. After installing it you need to click on active, and the Coinremitter plugin is installed into your WordPress website.

You need to set up your account and wallet in the Coinremitter when you have finished installing the Coinremitter plugin, so you can accept cryptocurrencies.

Setup Your Coinremitter Account & Wallet

  1. Go to Coinremitter Website, if you already have an account then just log into it, or if you are new then just sign up for a new account.
  2. Once you log in to your account go to the wallet option and create a wallet for a specific currency which you are willing to accept as payment.
  3. After creating a wallet click on “Credential” where you’ll get your “API key” and “Password”.
  4. Now you need to set up a wallet on the Coinremitter plugin, so open the plugin in WordPress.
  5. Once you open the plugin you’ll need to click on “Add Wallet”.
  6. While creating the wallet make sure you create a specific wallet for cryptocurrency, so you don’t end up having issues in receiving payments.
  7. After creating a wallet you need to enter the API key and Password from Coinremitter.
  8. Once you fill in all required information click on verify. And it’s done, you have successfully set up the Coinremitter plugin now you can receive payment in cryptocurrency.

Final Remark

As you can see, if you operate your website on WordPress, there are several reasons why you should consider accepting payment in cryptocurrency.

Choosing Coinremitter as your crypto payment processor, will not make your work easy but also provide many more related services which indeed help your business grow in the crypto world.

And most importantly Coinremitter plugins are not just limited to one platform it also has plugins for open cart, magneto and more which make it more reliable.


Auto-withdrawal function how to stop it in Coinremitter?

Coinremitter gives the auto-withdrawal function to all of its members.

The auto-withdrawal function works every 30 minutes automatically, and as you might know, it requires the external address to function.

This function saves your time, as it fuctions automatically.

In any case, you want to stop this function for certain coins. You need to have a premium membership of coinremitter. If you don’t then you cannot do it.

If you want to opt for the premium plan you can click here.

Stopping the automatic withdrawal function will not stop or affect any other function of the wallet except the withdrawal function

Note: Remember you still need an external address, even after stopping the auto-withdrawal function.

Follow the step below to stop the function.

Steps to Stop Auto-Withdrawal

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to wallet Section
  3. In the wallet, you need to go to the general section
  4. There you will see withdrawal-type
  5. Select manual to stop auto-withdrawal

This is the procedure you need to follow to stop the function for all crypto wallets.

Note: You can not stop this function for USDT ERC20, ETH & BNB coin regardless of whether you are a premium member or not.

Final Remark

Auto-withdrawal means to provide better and efficient service to you. If you still want to stop the function you can do so.

I hope you found out how to stop the function in the Coinremitter wallet.


Listing Announcement! Now Accept-Send Binance Smart Chain and Binance Pegged USDT.

Coinremitter, we are pleased to announce that we will soon fully support the Binance Smart Chain & Binance Pegged USDT.

On Crypto wallet & payment gateway services, available to merchants and wallet users on our platform.

Which will add an advantage for anyone on our platform that can boost profits due to the lower fees.

Binance Smart Chain

This Coin is a blockchain project which was initiated by Binance.

We want to ensure the creation of a blockchain that will serve as an alternative marketplace for issuing, using, and exchanging digital assets in a decentralized manner.

Binance Pegged USDT

Binance-Peg tokens are BEP20 tokens that are backed by tokens vaults in Binance public addresses and are part of a new initiative known as Project Token Canal.

A pegged token by Binance gives you the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash into a stable digital currency equivalent.

Soon all users can start depositing Binance Smart Chain, and Binance Pegged USDT in their Coinremitter Wallets.

And respective merchants across the globe as well as can start accepting payment.

You can also see the official announcement on the Twitter account.


What is the external address in coinremitter and where to get it from?

coinremitter provides the auto-withdrawal feature for every wallet. So it requires your external address to withdraw funds automatically from your wallet. 

However, you can stop the auto-withdrawal feature in some coins but an external address is required in every coin wallet.

Every digital wallet has its unique address and it differs from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrencies

But when it comes to an external address in coinremitter it simply means all the addresses which must not belong to coinremitter wallet address but the address of other wallets from different digital wallet platforms, like,, etc.

First, let’s see what can be considered as the external address.

For example, you have an account in coinremitter and also in third-party sites like exchanges or wallet provider.

The coin address of the third party will be considered as an external address in the coinremitter.

You might have a question about what it is used for and how it is going to help you.

As you might know that coinremitter is just not a digital wallet platform but also provides you a gateway facility.

So, having an external address in your coinremitter wallet will you get money (coins) to that address through your coinremitter wallet address when you enable the auto-withdrawal feature.

You can not set a litecoin address as an external address in a bitcoin wallet. you need to set an external address while creating a new wallet which you can edit later.

Steps to add external address.

  • Login to your account
  • Click new in wallet section
  • Create the particular coin wallet you want.
  • While creating a wallet you need to fill all required fields.
  • There you will see the External Address section.
  • Add the address over there & click create new wallet.

Note: Make sure you add the correct address in your wallet because once the fund is transferred then the coinremitter is not responsible for any issue related to that.

Final remark

This blog was to answer the question of what is it, what it is used for and how can you save it on your wallet. To receive payment on that address through coinremitter wallet address.


Every address on coinremitter has its expiry.

Address, If you’re using coinremitter to receive payment or to send payment to coinremitter wallet then you might know what it means, and what it is used for.

This is really important news for you and everyone who is using coinremitter.

So, make sure you go through it thoroughly and understand it for your betterment.

If you are using coinremitter then you must know about how to use and install its plugins. If you are new to this concept then refer to our blog page to understand it perfectly.

To receive or send crypto coin you need a unique code to do that, which can be created through the rest API. Coinremitter has set its limit about 6 months and after that will automatically expire.

When you create a new address using API, It has an expiry date. We hope you understand the reason behind that.

To Check address expiry date of address, Follows the simple procedure.

  • Login to your account (In our plugin).
  • In the wallet detail, you can see the address tab where every address has its expiry date.

To create new address follows the simple procedure.

  • Send a request for a new address from the plugin (need to do API call).
  • In the response part, you’ll receive a new address and a new barcode of your wallet. Plus it has an expiry date.

Note: If your address has reached the expiry date then make sure to create a new one, if you fail to do that then you might have to bear the loss. Example “Someone sends the crypto coin to expired address then that you won’t receive it and at the same time even you won’t get it back.” It will be considered null and void.

So, kindly create a new one from time to time. To avoid any back clash.

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What is Token Burning: Understand Everything

Token burning is not something that you can burn with fire. We will come to soon what is token burning and many other things that you need to know.

The primary goal of token burning is to increase the effectiveness of the other tokens in Distribution.

Many cryptocurrencies have a small total number that can survive, and thus, knowing the need for the token is the same.

If there are few in distribution, the value can possibly increase.

Moreover, token burning has been embraced by several crypto-currency ventures to limit the availability of their tokens.

Let’s address the token burning more in-depth.

What is Token Burning?

Token burning implies the continuing removal of existing cryptocurrency coins from distribution. 

There are particularly two ways to burn tokens.

Either by buying the existing tokens from the market or by taking the current currency out of circulation.

To store tokens, the place would be anywhere, like in a team wallet, or also it could be tokens that are not allocated.

Some of the firms burn tokens as a one-off event, while others maintain quarterly burns, such as Binance and OKEx.

How and why companies burn tokens depends heavily on what they are planning to achieve.

As standard fiat currencies are not typically burned, the burning process is distinct to the cryptocurrency, although the flow of available currency is otherwise regulated.

Token burning is analogous to the notion of publicly held corporate share buybacks that decrease the amount of available stock.

NOW let’s delve into how the method of token burning works.

Token Burning Process

Token burning can take place in a variety of ways.

The aim is to decrease the current number of available tokens. It does not literally kill burning tokens but makes them difficult to use in the future.

The token burning process the redemption or withdrawal by the project developers of the available currency, and then its removal from circulation.

Moreover, a special public wallet known as the eater address is put with token signatures, that available to all nodes but permanently blocked.

However there are several ways to burn tokens, and this depends on the intent of the operation.

After the end of the initial coin offer, others will use a one-off burn to delete unsold tokens from circulation. Others opt to burn coins periodically at static or variable cycles.

Binance, for example, as part of the pledge to hit 100 million burned BNB tokens, it burns tokens per quarter.

The number of tokens differs from the number of purchases per quarter carried out on the network.

if we speak about the stablecoin like Tether, as they deposit funds into their reserves and burn the equivalent amount as funds are extracted or withdrawn, it will generate tokens.

Why are Businesses Burning Tokens?

There are multiple reasons that an organization would want to burn tokens, and for token holders, all of them have value. 

The most prevalent explanation is to increase the value of each token by reducing the current supply.

Theoretically, fewer coins are available for sale and transactions mean that each particular token is more valuable. Indeed, this is why most cryptocurrencies are either in circulation or in future supply for a finite sum.

Projects will increase the value of the current supply of each token holder and establish rewards for ongoing support by taking controls over the figurative faucet.

Token burns may be the result of an error correction in certain situations.

Moreover, about security tokens, which allow holders to a project’s dividends, token burning operates just like corporate buyback of stock.

Coins can be bought back at good prices and then burned immediately to maximize the value of the current token quantity of each holder.

And at last, some projects use token burns to prevent spammed transactions. And to add a layer of protection, some projects use token burns.

Are There Any Advantages of Buring Tokens?

It may seem like token burns are intended to offer an advantage to ventures, but the fact is that both developers and investors profit from the process.

Burning tokens can help stabilize the value of a coin in certain cases and prevent future price inflation.

Stability offers a greater incentive for investors to retain the coins and holds values at more desirable rates, thus keeping network uptime and bandwidth safe.

Token burns also project a sense of trust and reliability, particularly at the early stages of the coin production.

Moreover, like halving, burning tokens limits availability. The price would automatically go up if the demand remains the same or rises.

However, If demand goes down, then burning won’t have much impact.

When it comes to Ripple, token burning enhances consumer protection and helps them to speed up their transactions safely without improper incentives.

The reason is that there is no incentive to charge higher except for quicker execution to charge higher rates, consumers can believe that the network will be used more wisely.

Final Thoughts

Token burning is offering to be an efficient way to preserve a stable crypto-ecosystem. 

Future cryptocurrencies will absolutely utilize this mechanism with time by giving its numerous perks, particularly in a coin’s infancy stage.

Bitcoin Knowledge Tutorials

How Integrating Bitcoin Gold Payment Gateway Profits Your Online Store

Setting up a Bitcoin Gold payment gateway onto your site can give your customers another opportunity to pay for their goods.

However, it does not only offer a different mode of payment but, it also attracts clients from across the globe.

But how can this happen? (you might have this question in your mind)

Because, before the integration of the Bitcoin Gold payment gateway your customer had no option except to pay with credit/debit and PayPal.

So they tended to return from your website without making any purchase.

BUT, this is not the case with Bitcoin Gold or any other cryptocurrency. You’ll be have every payment option listed on your website. 

What it does is that this can let your customers make a purchase from their preferred payment option. Ultimately, you’ll gain new consumers and it will help in growing your business internationally.

Now, let’s get to know about what is Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a new form of cryptocurrency that emerged as a result of a hard fork in Bitcoin and strives to be more decentralized than Bitcoin.

It is used as a peer-to-peer currency capable of managing day-to-day transactions and competing with conventional credit card transactions like Visa.

BTG utilizes the same PoW consensus algorithm as BTC, so the only distinction among them is the use of the Equilash hash algorithm rather than SHA 256 to avoid Bitcoin Gold mining unless it is done with ASIC equipment.

Bitcoin Gold can be used just as Bitcoin Cash can be. It is a legal cryptocurrency, which can be used to transfer money or use it for investment purposes to others.

SO, before we move on to the integration part let’s look at some of its advantages. You’ll get to know how it’s beneficial to your business as well as your current & future customers.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gold to merchants

Bitcoin Gold is pretty much like Bitcoin except for a few distinctive characteristics.

These are the leading advantages: Fungibility -1 BTG is at any time equal to 1 BTG. The BTG is similar, replaceable, and interchangeable as a fungible digital currency.

Here, we have listed the advantages of your business as well as for your customers.

Profits your business:
  1. Usually, you can collect payments from BTG a few seconds after your customer sends them. That’s because the conventional payment processors don’t slow down transactions.
  1. Acceptance of Bitcoin Gold offers the company the potential to grow into an emerging client base for the future of payments and tap: people directly looking to invest their Bitcoin Gold.
  1. Since Bitcoin Gold transactions are irreversible, it becomes difficult to recover charges. Instead, consumers may be refunded at their own convenience.
  1. One of the key benefits of using Bitcoin Gold is that it offers security and relative anonymity. No personal details are needed to access the Bitcoin Gold wallet.
Profits your customers:
  1. Bitcoin Gold like Monero utilizes complete anonymity for transactions, protecting senders and receivers’ wallet addresses on the network.
  2. Thanks to its improved design, it allows for quicker transactions. While Bitcoin is thought to generate around 5 transactions per second, it is estimated that Bitcoin Gold is up to 27 TPS.
  1. It’s easier to pay with Bitcoin Gold, although there is no need to carry credit/debit cards. Users only have to enter their name and shopping information and they’re good to go.
  1. Bitcoin Gold is decentralized and there are no intermediaries operating the network, the transaction fee is also quite low.

Begin accepting Bitcoin Gold payments via Coinremitter

Why to delay?

TO stand out from the crowd, you have to take the step NOW!

Coinremitter will help you with that.

BUT first, understand why you should install coinremitter in order to accept BTG payments.

Coinremitter is a Bitcoin Gold payment gateway, also it offers many other currencies to integrate other than bitcoin gold. 

It is a merchant friendly payment gateway that offers tremendous features to its users such as currency swap, invoice creation, multi-currency wallet, No KYC requirement, 24/7 support, and more.

Moreover, it offers the lowest transaction fees (only 0.23%) which makes it very AFFORDABLE to everyone.

So that was all about its features and specifications now let’s head on to the integration process.

  1. First and foremost, you need to build a Bitcoin Gold wallet so you can start accepting your consumers’ BTG payments.

  2. After setting up a wallet, you’ll need to have an API key. You’ll get it by clicking on the BTG wallet. Read Get API key process.
  1. Then, you are good to install Coinremitter on your platform. Moreover, Coinremitter supports the most renowned open-source plugins such as Laravcel, Magento, OpenCat, WordPress, etc.

    Install according to your platform, as every platform has a different integration guide.

To sum up:

As you have seen the advantages for your customer and also for your business. By doing this, you are helping your clients and eventually, it’s going to help your business to grow.

Moreover, you can even list out “Bitcoin Gold Accepted Here” next to your Paypal, debit/credit, and other payment options.

This will draw the attention of your customers.

Bitcoin Knowledge Tutorials

Setup Bitcoin Cash Payment Gateway On Your Website

Integrating the Bitcoin cash payment gateway lets your customers pay who have been specifically looking to make purchases with cryptocurrency.

Setting up a crypto payment gateway for your customers is the best you can do TODAY!

If you want to stand out from the competition and expand your business to the international level then these subtle improvements on your website can give your business a new shape.

ALL YOU NEED to do give another payment option to your customers. Bet me, this will impact a lot on your business than you think.

As a merchant, your key priority is to be able to accept and process Bitcoin cash payments as easily and seamlessly as possible.

Thus, you can please your customers and accept bitcoin cash payments without any headaches.

Bitcoin cash offers quick and low-cost transactions. As the world digitally changes, electronic currencies like Bitcoin cash are becoming the go-to way of paying online and in retail stores.

Before we set up bitcoin cash payment gateway, let’s understand what is Bitcoin cash and how it’s helpful to your business.

What is Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and people have been using it for a couple of years in their day-to-day transactions.

Nowadays, it’s not only the world’s first but also stable and most popular cryptocurrency.

Before the Bitcoin cash had a maximum block size of 1 MB, then it later increased to 8 MB, and now the current block size is 32MB. 

This means the increased block-size will allow more transactions to be processed.

With the Bitcoin cash, you can send and receive bitcoin cash payments directly from person to person. Moreover, Bitcoin cash is also used for investment purposes.

Why merchants should start accepting Bitcoin cash payments

There are a number of traders and users who have already set up the Bitcoin cash payment system on their website.

However, there are many organizations that don’t know the benefits of accepting Bitcoin cash payments.

So, let’s get straight to it.

1. Bitcoin cash is irreversible:

Transactions of Bitcoin cash payments are irreversible. What does that mean is that once the funds have been sent to the receiver’s wallet, the refund will not be available unless the receiver agrees.

Unlike the debit/credit cards where the payments can be refunded. However, this isn’t the case with bitcoin cash. Irreversible payments can also prevent fraud and give companies EXTRA protection.

2. Better user experience:

Using Bitcoin cash also offers consumers a better shopping experience since they don’t need to worry about theft of their credit cards.

It is a lot easier to pay online with Bitcoin cash. You don’t have to carry your cards and fill out all the informations. You can pay directly through BTC by entering your name and shopping information.

3. Expand business:

Accepting Bitcoin cash payments can expand your customer base. Moreover, many consumers these days are using BCH to buy products and services. Even, anyone with a smartphone can use BCH.

Coinremitter helps merchants by allowing them to integrate the BCH payment gateway on their website. So the customers from all over the world can make purchases.

4. Faster transactions:

After your client sends them you can receive BCH payments in a few seconds. This is because the traditional payment processors don’t slow down transactions.

However, payments don’t go through banks, there’s no delay or failed transactions. BCH is paid straight from the digital wallet of the customer with the transaction completed in a few seconds.

Accept Bitcoin cash payments through Coinremitter

To accept bitcoin cash payments on your website, you need to have a Bitcoin cash payment gateway installed.

Coinremitter: the bitcoin cash payment gateway helps merchants to accept BTC and any other cryptocurrency payments quickly & smoothly without any hurdles.

This merchant friendly gateway offers such quality features like multi-currency wallet, create an invoice, current swap, and more. 

However, coinremitter is known for its low transaction fees which is just 0.23% (lowest in the market)

With such features, it’s become popular among merchants from the past couple of years.

If talk about its integration process then it can be done in only 3 STEPS.

  1. Merchants should have a Bitcoin cash wallet. In order to set the Bitcoin cash option on the checkout page. The process of setting up a bitcoin cash can be done ion a matter of minutes.
  1. In the next step, you’ll require an API key and password which you can access by clicking on the Bitcoin cash wallet. You can read the API process here.
  2. That’s all, you’ve come to an end. Now you just need to install Coinremitter on your website. Install according to your platform and you are good to go.

Last words:

That was all about bitcoin cash. Integrating bitcoin cash can set your business presence apart from the competition.

SO, integrating BTC gateway is the wise decision you can take at the moment to extend your business and attract international clients.

Cryptocurrency Knowledge Tutorials

Integrate Dash Payment Gateway With Coinremitter

Have you ever thought about integrating the Dash payment gateway on your website and how your business is going to stand in upcoming times?

The “Dash Coin” becomes one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency around the globe for the last few years.

Why does the Dash become much popular? The reason is that it offers a higher transaction speed and better privacy than Bitcoin due to its Masternodes feature.

Integrating the Dash payment gateway will give your consumers what they’ve been looking for and couldn’t get on your website.

So, if you give an option to make payments through Dash then the chances are that your business will attract customers from across the globe. Which eventually helps in growing your business globally.

SO, let’s first get to know what the dash is.

A quick idea about Dashcoin

Dash is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, which is a digital currency used for sending or receiving payments.

It developed on top of the blockchain technology that Bitcoin uses, but it has undergone some substantial changes.

However, Dash has many features that give it an edge over other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Dash can be used to make transactions more privately and speedily way due to its three features: Masternodes, PrivateSend, and InstantSend.

Dash uses these Masternodes as a supplementary layer for its network. Reducing the need for trusted third parties to approve transactions that could potentially threaten the anonymity of any payments.

NOW, you’ve probably got what is the Dashcoin, which brings us to the next point which about its advantages for online businesses.

How accepting dash payments benefits your business

Dash is a quick and inexpensive way to accept your payments, whether it is an online store or any other business.

It offers significant advantages, in terms of transaction times, fees as well as security over credit cards, and other similar services.

Here are the benefits of Dash that both merchants and their consumers can get.

1. Lightning-fast transactions:

When it comes to transaction speed, Dash is much more obvious because it has a service called “instantsend”. This ensures that Dash is transferred from one wallet to another within 1 to 3 seconds.

Whereas, bitcoin takes an hour to complete. 

Moreover, in the case of unofficial wallets, the transaction speed is always the same.

2. Top-notch security:

In some cryptocurrencies, the individual can be connected to the transaction they made through an IP address and their wallet details. 

However, this isn’t the case with Dash. It has a feature called “PrivateSend” that allows users to transact entirely anonymously, unlike the pseudonymous Bitcoin.

3. No payments conflicts:

The blockchain system verifies that funds are available prior to the completion of the transaction. This making it almost impossible for consumers to make a payment without enough dash in their account.

Moreover, unlike most of the systems that accept credit cards, there are no holdbacks. When anyone pays with Dash you automatically receive all the funds.

4. Lower Fees:

As every financial transaction, there are fees paid for network support, which also happens with cryptocurrencies.

There are varying transaction fees within each of them, which are typically lower than conventional banking rates, in the case of Dash, they are lower than those of other cryptocurrencies.

Start integrating dash payment gateway your website

In order to integrate the dash payment gateway in your eCommerce store, you need a Dash payment API required.

The API will connect to the checkout system of the company to a payment receiving gateway.

This new payment infrastructures are technologically sophisticated and provide many features such as the ability to allow purchases in your smartphone, as well as access to real-time buying data. 

This can be used to help you plan ahead and make major business decisions.

The success and development of Dash as a mode of payment has made it a wise business decision to add a merchant account.

The process of integrating the dash payment gateway is easy and fast.

Install coinremitter: the dash payment gateway

Coinremitter is merchant friendly dash payment gateway that merchants can easily integrate on their site to offer another payment option to their consumers.

The range of features that Merchants can offer their consumers is secure checkouts, faster transaction experience, no hidden charges, and more.

Apart from that, as coinremitter is made to consider the need of merchants to offers some insane features which set it apart from the rest.

Speaking about features, like multi-wallet support, no KYC requires, currency swap, create an invoice, and most notable is the low transaction fees 0.23%.

The installation of Coinremitter can be done in a matter of minutes. Starting with setting up a DASH wallet.

Afterward, you need an API key in order to accept Dash payments. You can get it by simply clicking on the dash wallet that you have just created.

And in the last, install Coinremitter. As coinremitter supports the majority of open-source platforms so that you won’t encounter any difficulties regarding that.

Install according to your platform.


How To Accept Litecoin Payments With Coinremitter

YES, your business needs it. Staying up to date in the financial world should be your top priority.

Your business is not the first, there are way many organizations around the world that are already accepting Litecoin payments on their website and covering good SALES.

Litecoin is one of the most popular modes of payment that widely used by every merchant after Bitcoin. 

The time has changed, people have more options when it comes to making a transaction over the internet. Over the last decade, we have radically changed the way we get value over the internet from conventional payments to digital currencies.

Litecoin and the other cryptocurrencies have been extensively used in online stores and eCommerce websites to accept crypto payments from customers.

A quick idea about Litecoin:

Litecoin is a cheaper alternative to bitcoin. It’s a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that enables instant and low-cost payments to anyone worldwide.

It is also known as LTC and is the third-largest cryptocurrency evaluated by industry capitalization after Bitcoin and XRP.

It works as the same to its counterparts like transferring currency to one another. The only difference is that litecoin conducts transactions in units of Litecoin, not in USD or any other currency.

The history of the Litecoin’s price has revealed that it has been one of the best performing digital currencies with a steady VALUE since its beginnings.

SO, you can imagine the popularity of Litecoin, which brings us to the next point.

What benefits merchants can get from using the Litecoin payment gateway:

By accepting Litecoin payments on your site, you can serve the needs of your current and future customers. Ultimately, it will differentiate your business presence from your competitors.

Let’s understand that if you integrate the Litecoin payment gateway on your website, then what benefits your business would get.

1. Larger customer base:

If your business accepts Litecoin payments then you can attract a whole lot of consumers that are a tech enthusiast. 

By adding another payment option, your business will give them a secure and faster transaction experience.

No matter how small your business is, you can take your business internationally, regardless of the costly cross-border transaction fees.

With Litecoin, nothing can stop you from going global. As cross-border payments are easier, faster, and cheaper with Litecoin.

2. Faster transactions:

Litecoin processed instant payments, giving you prompt access to funds, unlike credit card systems that take a few days to batch out and process.

For small businesses, getting cash on hand is sometimes difficult. Acceptance of Litecoin payments will put cash within your grasp faster than when accepting payments via cards.

Litecoin has four times the total Bitcoin supply, and each litecoin block can process more transactions leading to faster confirmations.

The average Litecoin transaction takes just 2.5 minutes to complete as compared to Bitcoin, which takes up to 10 minutes.

3. Prevent Frauds:

In Litecoin, people can do transactions regardless of the disclosure of their personal information. This could only be possible if you transact through Litecoin or any other cryptocurrencies. 

There is no chance that anybody would leak the information and hinder the system. 

With Litecoin, that form of value does not have a personal identity attached. It is very much like digital cash.

4. Low Transaction Costs:

Yet another great benefit is the low transaction fees associated with each transaction. 

Though, it depends on how you accept litecoin payments, whether it is direct to your wallet or through a third-party provider such as Coinremitter. 

The fees are significantly lower than the services like Paypal or credit/debit card providers.

An important thing to note is that using Coinremitter: litecoin payment gateway provides 0.23% transaction fees to every merchant, which is the lowest among other gateways.

How to accept Litecoin payments on your website:

To start accepting Litecoin payments on your website, you need to have a Litecoin payment gateway installed on your site.

That means a Litecoin payment API is required. Now, what the API does is that it connects to the checkout system of the company to a payment receiving system.

All you need to do is just an initial set up, and in no time you can be on your way to accepting Litecoin and other cryptocurrency payments.

Integrate Litecoin payment gateway with Coinremitter:

Coinremitter is a merchant friendly crypto payment gateway that offers quality services globally to traders, large/small organizations, and those who love crypto.

It offers the ability to store, send, receive crypto coins online safely in minutes around the world.

Talking about its functionalities which includes a multi-currency wallet, currency swap, create an invoice, No KYC requires, and the most prominent is the low transaction fees 0.23%.

That’s why it becomes the most acquired gateway by merchants.

To integrate Litecoin on your checkout page, you must have to create a Litecoin wallet. It is very easy to set up the Litecoin wallet by just filling the required details.

Soon after that, you’ll need to have an API key and password which you will get by clicking on the Litecoin wallet. 

In the end, you have to install Coinremitter on your website. Coinemitter supports the most popular plugins such as Opencart, Magento, WordPress, and more.

There’s a different integration process for every platform.

To conclude:

So, that was all about Litecoin, how it’s helpful to your business, and how you can integrate into your site to accept litecoin payments.

By doing this, you’re providing much value to your consumers and giving them what they want.


Tether(USDT) API – Accept Tether In Your Website

What Is Tether(USDT)?

Tether belongs to the list where major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, etc, have listed on the top.

However, tether belongs to the new version of a cryptocurrency called “Stablecoins”. Moreover, this new version is to keep the cryptocurrency value stable in the trade market.

As we are seeing the widespread changes in the prize of major cryptocurrency whereas, the stable coin is an exception to it.

For instance, USDT belongs to the fiat currency category like USD, Euro, or pound which backed every crypto coin in the loop.

However, tether built to fill the mandatory gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

Conversely, it fulfills users’ demand on the low-cost transaction fees, stability of its price, and provides transparency for everything.

Tether launched as RealCoin in July 2014 and rebranded as Tether in November by Tether Ltd. It officially began trading in February 2015.  

According to some sources there between 70 – 80% bitcoin trading is efficiently carried out in tether.

Moreover, stablecoin now becomes a chief source for the cryptocurrency market.

Gateway to accept tether payments

On the contrary, thanks to tether popularity as being a stable coin. Therefore, attention, and trust within the group of retailers who were first insecure as for its acceptance from their customers.

The users who want to accept tether payments in tether (USDT) a decentralized gateway, Coinremitter helps you to accept tether payments in this currency.

In general, it will make the process even simpler with the lowest transaction fees. It also giving other opportunities to retailers if they have their own website.

Coinremitter as the best crypto payment gateway enabling other features like no more hidden charges, 24/7 customer support, transactions/balance history.

Tether (USDT) API for your website 

Those retailers who want to enable the service to accept payments directly within their website then, coinremitter does provide API service so that you can integrate coinremitter plugins and accept payments directly within your website.

The most effective plugin’s like Laravel, CorePHP, and WordPress is the best place in order to integrate. Moreover, merchants can integrate REST API for any programing language.

Choosing coinremitter plugins for your payment in USDT is the ideal choice users ever make.

It is more and more expanding on the global stage as 1.8M cryptocurrency transactions are already completed where USDT is also included in it although, Retailers who own E-Commerce platforms are in the majority who have accepted USDT & other cryptocurrencies. 

Create an account integrate coinremitter plugin and surprise your customers by introducing them to a new USDT payment acceptance service, gain the trust of your customers, and with this service gain new more customers for your business.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Knowledge Tutorials

How Integrating Bitcoin Payment Gateway Benefits Your Online Store

Now accept bitcoin payments is way much easier & quicker than before.

“Bitcoin”, a very much popular name across the globe, has been providing a highly secure and transparent way of transferring currency for several years.

Every day the value of Bitcoin keeps growing. Nowadays, the pace of growth in cryptocurrencies and the adoption of blockchain technology has sparked a revolution in the financial industry, taking the online payment sector to a new dimension.

Giant corporations are currently INVESTING their capital and resources in Bitcoin. So you can estimate the value of Bitcoin.

It becomes common that many small and large businesses around the world have already begun to accept bitcoin payments. 

Now it is time for you to consider accepting bitcoin payments for your business because you have to keep up with the trend.

This will make your presence as you are at the forefront of technological growth, drawing new clients, and keep your business safe from a number of scams.

We know that being an eCommerce merchant you may have a number of questions running on your mind like how can I start accepting BTC payments, will it benefit my business or not, and more. 

Isn’t that the case?

However, we are going to cover all the necessary points that you need to know about your business. You will get a clear understanding of BTC payments and more at the end of this blog!

Down below is our in-depth guide to implementing this new payment system for your online store.

SO, let’s hop into…

What benefits merchants can get from adding the bitcoin payment gateway

Using BTC payments on your website helps you to process lower fees payments and receive payments instantly.

This currency is also ideal for sites involving foreign payments, as it is much quicker than bank transfers from one country to another.

Here are the key benefits that every merchant could get.

1. BTC will expand your customer base:

Integrating cryptocurrency payments into your online store checkout will set you apart from your competitors as well as help attract new customers to your business.

Adding another payment gateway will allow your customers to make a payment through. Ultimately, the customers who prefer to make transactions via cryptocurrencies are more likely to go with the crypto option.

You will notice a significant improvement in your sales.

2. It will eliminate chargebacks:

Transaction through credit/debit cards is reversible. That means the merchants get all of the cardholder’s sensitive information to drag money from the account.

However, this isn’t the case with Bitcoin. Once the funds have been transferred, the party that sent the payment is unable to retrieve the transferred payment without the merchant’s permission.

Every transaction in bitcoin is guarded by the Bitcoin network. That means merchants are able to accept bitcoin payments without having to worry about the threat, fraud, or charges.

3. Provide you the low transaction fees:

Cryptocurrencies are used more often for regular transactions. Merchants may use this to reduce the costs of collecting transactions for their company.

As you already know that Bitcoin is not government regulated. Transactions occur exclusively between the buyer and the seller, so there are no intermediaries who can hold your funds. 

More significantly is the fees for processing BTC payments are lower than credit cards.

4. Offering the utmost security:

Bitcoin uses blockchain technology it means blockchain holds the data and is linked to each other. If anyone tries to change a portion of the chain, the entire chain will be alerted and alarmed. That is the level of security.

Speaking of security, coinremitter, a bitcoin payment gateway provides its merchants with multi-layer security. 

Therefore, there is no longer a chance of identity fraud or any other security concerns when verifying a transaction.

Criteria to consider when choosing a bitcoin payment processor

So, you have made up your mind accepting bitcoin payments on your store. You can promptly begin accepting cryptocurrencies by implementing a bitcoin payment processor into your existing business platform. 

Consider Coinremitter, it works best with the eCommerce platforms. 

But BEFORE integrating any payment processor onto your store you must have to check out the following criteria.

1. The transaction fees:

First and foremost you have to check for the transaction fees charged by the Bitcoin payment processors that you are considering. 

Bitcoin transaction fees are lower than credit card fees. Coinremitter, however, offers only 0.23% which is the lowest among other gateways.

2. Supported plugins & currencies:

It is advisable to check that the Bitcoin payment processor should support the currencies & plugins that your business requires.

Coinremitter provides all the popular open-source plugins, so you don’t have to look for the other options. Nevertheless, it also offers the most renowned & widely used cryptocurrencies that you can integrate into your store.

3. Features:

You should look for the features of a payment processor that you want to install such as security, digital wallet, multi-currency support, currency swap, etc.

Choose what is best suited to your business requirements. Coinremitter comes with all the features that merchants should need in their business.

4. Customer support:

Last but not least, the payment processors should be available to solve your queries 24/7. This is crucial to your company as issues could hamper your sales processing capability.

Must look at what kind of support is there like is there any live chat support? Or do they offer via mail? Consider those criteria prior to making any decision.

Accept bitcoin payments in just 3 steps

To begin the process,

As we talked above, choose the gateway that suits your business needs according to its features, transaction fees, customer support, etc.

Let’s take an example of Coinremitter for your better understanding.

1. Create your bitcoin wallet:

In order to create your bitcoin wallet, you need to have a coinremitter account. To do that, you can simply create your account by filling your details in the signup form and you’re all set.

After you log in to coinremitter, you’ll have to select a Bitcoin (you can even create other coin wallets too) and then have to fill up the details such as wallet name, password, etc.

Your wallet will be created soon after you fill out the details.

2. Get API key & password:

After successfully creating a wallet, you’ll need to have an API key and password in order to start accepting bitcoin payments on your site.

You’ll get the API key on the wallet page by clicking on the bitcoin wallet. You can consider the API Guide for a better idea.

3. Install a bitcoin payment gateway:

The last you have to do is install the coinremitter on your eCommerce platform.

You can integrate it according to your platform, as coinremitter supports well known open-source plugins, but you can still check before you take a step that your platform must be compatible with coinremitter.

Each platform has a different integration process that you can use to better understand the integration process.

Final words:

So, you’ve got the idea of how HELPFUL it is to integrate a bitcoin payment gateway into an eCommerce store.

A nice piece of advice is that you can indicate to your customers that you accept Bitcoin payments. 

Just put a button “Bitcoin Accepted Here” next to your PayPal, MasterCard, Visa which can get the attention of your customers.

Crypto Tutorials

How Do I Choose a Crypto Payment Gateway?

When Bitcoin first released, cryptocurrencies became a popular subject among everyone. Now the crypto payment gateway has been used by millions of people such as business owners, merchants, banks, etc.

Anything that serves quicker, faster, safer, and productive payments will remain a key priority for all businesses.

This is where the crypto payment gateway provider comes into the picture to offer an error-free solution.

The Best Crypto payment gateway promises security, reliability, speed, and lower transaction costs for businesses.

We’ll talk about what criteria you need to consider while choosing a crypto gateway for your business.

Let’s get started…

What is Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

The crypto gateways controlled by a decentralized gateway or an ecosystem of blockchains. It is a dynamic platform where more people are willing to accept digital currencies and process crypto payments.

Customers can make a payment by scanning the QR code or sending the crypto payments straight to the wallet address. However, the blockchain platform records all transactions.

Decentralized cryptocurrency gateways ensure that any transaction is encrypted, and nearly impossible for hackers or online fraudsters to modify a payment method.

For instance, coinremitter is a completely functioning global cryptocurrency payment gateway, which provides quality services to merchants, and small/large enterprise owners.

How Crypto Payment Gateway Works?

A cryptocurrency payment gateway has the primary purpose of providing a faster, secure, and hassle-free connection between vendors and consumers for easy transactions with each other.

crypto gateways work the same as the normal payment gateway, but only the difference is that transactions are done in cryptocurrencies.

With a cryptocurrency payment gateway, a customer will pay via a digital wallet, not with a credit/debit card. There will be cryptocurrencies, not fiat currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD, EURO, DINAR, etc.

When it comes to crypto, you can be sure of a proper response in less time, and also optimize transactions at any point.

Consider the Coinremitter which uses a different technology than standard gateways. It doesn’t HOLD any transaction, the received payments will automatically forward to the vendor’s external wallet addresses within the next 60 minutes.

What You Should Consider While Choosing a Crypto Payment Gateway?

It is essential for every business to first understand their business requirements and what kind of features a payment gateway has available, which not only benefits the business but also makes the business presence different from the market.

Here are some factors that you must take into account:

1. Security:

The first thing you need to look for the security of the gateway, the payment gateway you select should be completely safe for you and your customers.

The transactions should be extremely secure and confidential as the transactions happen wallet to the wallet so there will be no third party who can access your information.

As the coinremitter provides an additional two-factor authentication feature to its users that can double the protection.

2. Transaction Fees:

The second thing you need to make sure that the transaction cost should be minimal.

Do research on your own and compare the cost with different crypto gateways and check which one gives you the value for the money. In addition, there should be no hidden costs.

However, the coinremitter offers low transaction costs, which ultimately helps small business owners to take their business globally.

3. Website Integration:

User-friendliness is the most important part of a payment gateway. Choose a gateway that offers merchant-friendly integration with a documentation guide on their website.

Also, consider which crypto coins and open-source plugins they’re providing.

Check the responsiveness of their technical integration teams, which will help you accelerate the integration and start accepting crypto payments immediately.

4. Customer Support:

It is important to really look at the type of support being provided by a gateway. This is essential to your business as issues could hinder your sales processing capacity.

A satisfactory response to your questions is an integral part of what you should expect from a crypto payment provider.

The gateway should provide you the 24/7 customer support help or an immediate response.

5. Functionalities:

The very important part is to check the features. You need to check out all the necessary features that a crypto payment gateway should have.

You can opt according to what goes best with your business needs.

Some of the features that you might need to focus such as currency swap, digital wallet, multi-currency support, low transaction cost, accept major cryptocurrencies, etc.

Coinremitter comes with all those features that the merchants can’t go wrong with.

In Summary

Using the right payment gateway allows you to accept crypto payments smoothly and without any problems.

You will need to make sure it suits the needs of your company, will allow you to accept payments internationally, and will ideally come at a reasonable price.

We’ve made the work easy for you to what should you consider while choosing a crypto payment gateway.


Integrate XRP Payment Gateway With Coinremitter

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple are the top three by market cap cryptocurrencies. Adding the XRP payment gateway into your site can
set you apart from the competition.

Why not become the first merchant who provides the XRP Payment solutions to its consumers, which will ultimately benefit both the business and the clients.

However, apart from the first two cryptocurrencies, Ripple is a bit more complex and has much more to bring into the cryptocurrency sector.

Ripple provides a more open platform for understanding and making wise investment decisions on this market. 

A Quick Idea About Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a platform that acts as a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network as well for financial payments.

XRP is Ripple’s name for the cryptocurrency, much of which is owned by the corporation Ripple. Also, it currently OWNS roughly 60 billion XRP and is willing to sell up to one billion every month.

Ripple’s system has the benefit of consuming fewer resources while allowing for immediate verification without any traffic-directing central authority figures.

Ripple is decentralized but quicker than other blockchain networks, and more secure.

Accept XRP Payments For Your Business

Ripple has rapidly gained attention with consumers and investors all over the world. 

It is an ideal way to send blockchain payments worldwide. Customers can have their XRP payments processed securely and cost-effectively by entering its raising, global network.

Accept XRP purchases on your website, you will able to capitalize on existing trends and take potential customers into consideration.

This will allow you to protect your growth by offering a payment service to set you apart from the competition.

You can create your merchant account fast & easy on Coinremitter and then make your Ripple Wallet. After the initial setup, you will be able to start accepting XRP Payments.

The Benefits of Using Ripple Payments

1. Faster, reliable transactions are just the beginning of what Ripple will start delivering to the market.

2. Unlike with other blockchain networks, Ripple does not rely on one central authority to control and protect its transaction ledger. Confirmations are thus easily and securely accepted.

3. Ripple confirms transactions in less than 4 seconds. Moreover, it processes 10,000+ transactions a second, which is a massive advantage over bitcoin.

4. The Ripple payment is built on a purely peer-to-peer system so users can do transact securely with anyone on the network across the world, without any external source or authority requiring approval.

5. Another great advantage is that the coinremitter crypto payment gateway provides the lowest transaction fees just 0.23% when transacting through Ripple or any other coin.

How Coinremitter Helps Merchants to Integrate XRP Payment Gateway

Merchants can use Coinremitter to integrate XRP payment gateway into their website, allowing users to make fast and secure transactions.

With Coinremitter, merchants can offer their customers XRP and other crypto coins as a payment option. Moreover, its features include the lowest transaction fees, no KYC or ID, currency swap, create the invoice, secure checkout, and more.

Consumers can obtain, store, and send a large variety of virtual currencies like XRP and they’ll get a safe, reliable, and scalable wallet solution from a trustworthy, industry-leading provider of crypto-currency payments.

The integration process is pretty easy. Merchants Just need to install a coinremitter plugin into their website and have to create an XRP wallet on the coinremitter.

However, there’s no limitation related to crypto coins as coinremitter offers the most popular coins such as XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many.

Create an account today to implement a new payment style that helps your current customers, gains you, new customers. However, it ultimately saves your money and gives you a significant advantage.

What’s The Conclusion?

These are the all advantages and integration of Ripple Payments, that you need to take into consideration.

Reap the benefits by implementing a crypto payment gateway to your site, which ultimately sets your presence apart from the others in the market.


Coinremitter Opencart Extension Installation Guide

Now it’s easy to install Coinremitter opencart extension into your opencart store. We have created this guide for merchants so they can easily understand the coinremitter integration process on their opencart store.

Requirements for integration

  • For the Integration process of Coinremitter opencart extension, users must require to have Opencart version 3.0+
  • If you don’t have an account on Coinremitter, then make sure to make it one. Signup

Installation of plugin

  • First! Download coinremitter opencart plugin in ocmod from opencart marketplace (downloaded file name will be
  • Go to opencart admin left panel -> Extensions -> installer -> click on upload -> select from your path and upload it.

  • Go to opencart admin left panel -> Extensions -> Extensions -> select ‘Payments’ from “choose the extension type” dropdown. You will see all payment methods extension there. Find ‘Coinremitter’ and click on ‘+’ at the end of the same line to install it.

  • Now, go to opencart admin left panel -> Extensions -> Modification -> click refresh button (top right corner). You will see that ‘coinremitter’ menu will be added at the bottom of your opencart admin left panel.

  • Greate!! Plugin installed in your opencart store, Follow below instructions to configure coinremitter.

Plugin Configuration

  • Go to admin panel left panel -> Extensions -> Extensions -> select ‘payment’ from “choose the extension type” selection. Find ‘Coinremitter’ payment extension and click on the edit button (pencil icon button) at the end of the same line to edit it.
  • On that page, you will find Configuration options.
  • In the ‘Edit Coinremitter’ box, you will see multiple options to fill in.
  • Extension Status. Make sure it is  Enabled.
  • Title  which will display to the user on the checkout page
  • Description option, you can add some notes to tell your customer some meaningful things before the customer makes any step during checkout.
  • Exchange Rate. The default is 1. It is a price multiplier. Let’s say if you set it to 1.10 then price in cryptocurrency will increase by 10%. and for a 5% discount, you can set it 0.95 in this text box.
  • Set Invoice Expiry. It is in minutes. So if you set to value 30 then the created invoice will be expired after 30 minutes.
  • Order status. When Customers successfully make payment using cryptocurrency, the order status will change to this

Create a Wallet

Click Coinremitter menu on the left panel of admin panel

  • You’ll find the Add Wallet button on the top right corner of the page. Click on it.
  • After clicking on the add wallet a new page will appear where you’ll see multiple options like Coin, API key, Password.

  • In the first option of Coin select your coin from which you want to add your crypto wallet.
  • Now go to Coinremitter website and login to your account and get your API key from there. If you find any trouble to get your API key and password then click here to get the idea.
  • Get back to the Opencart coinremitter page and select one of your Coin. Paste API key in the box and fill your Password in the box.
  • Click on the Save on the top right of the page.

How to make Payment

After completing the above steps you can test first order using Test Coin.

  • Now add some product in your cart and navigate to the checkout page. Select Payment Method “Payment With Cryptocurrency”. If you have modified title text in the coinremitter configuration page then it will display as an option here. Click on the continue button

  • Now you can select coin that you want to pay by it. Make sure you have added a wallet in your opencart admin panel. Follow the above guide if you haven’t added a wallet.

  • On the very next moment, the system will automatically create an Invoice which will appear on your screen

  • Copy Payment address from generated invoice and pay the exact amount from another wallet. Once you transfer to this address, it requires enough confirmation to mark the order as paid. It will automatically redirect to the success page once payment is confirmed on the blockchain. And you will see the following screen

  • Congratulations! You have now successfully paid for your product.

Check order details

  • Go to your Admin Panel menu and click on Sales, dropdown opens, and click on Orders.
  • Once you reach the Orders page you will see your multiple orders list. Select one of these orders. Make sure that the order is paid using the coinremitter payment option.
  • Click on the view from one order and you will be redirected to the order view page.
  • Scroll down to Order History. In the History tab, you can see the details about payment in the comment column.

Now you are ready to accept cryptocurrency payment on your opencart website. Don’t forget to remove Test Coin wallet from your admin panel and add another coin wallet other than test coin


Coinremitter plugin Installation in Magento

This coinremitter plugin installation guide helps you start accepting your crypto payments on the Magento website.

Requirements for integration

  1. It requires Magento version 2.x
  2. Your coinremitter merchant account on the official website of coinremitter.

Installation of plugin

  1. Upload all your files on the root of Magento 2 installation
  2. Login to your server, and run these commands in the root of your Magento 2 installation.
  • PHP bin/Magento setup:upgrade
  • PHP bin/Magento module:enable checkout_coinremitter 
  • PHP bin/Magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
  1. Flush Magento 2 caches
  • php bin/magento cache:flush

Now, you can activate and change a bit of thing in coinremitter plugin by following these steps Store→Configuration→Sales→Payments Methods.

Plugin Configuration

After getting on the configuration page. Scroll down and go directly to the bottom of the page where you will find Coinremitter Cryptopayment box and several of the other boxes which you filled with your specific requirements.

  • Always enable your website as YES selected option. You can change the Title name as per your need if you want to. Fill Specific rate in Exchange Rate multiplier. Put the appropriate time in Invoice expiry time in the minute box. 
  • Be careful while selecting the Order Status option. Because it will appear on your website when order status is shown to the customer.
  • Click on Save Config at the top of the page.

Create a Wallet 

Now click on this following Coinremitter Checkout→Wallet.


  • Click on Add wallet at the top of the page.
  • Now go to the coinremitter website and login to your dashboard and get your API key from there. If you find any trouble to get your API then click here to get the idea.
  • Get back to Magento coinremitter page and select one of your wallet. Paste API key in the box and fill your Password in the box. 
  • Click on Save wallet on top of the page.

Coinremitter plugin installation process has been successfully completed on your Magento based website.


How to get API key and password of Coinremitter wallet?

For those users who are using coinremitter plugin for individual websites or want to use coinremitter API in order to accept payments on their websites. They should’ve known one thing that before using the coinremitter plugin they have to get an API key and password. Moreover to get an API key they should’ve created a wallet on the official website of coinremitter. 

Now, below is the step by step process about how do you get an API key and password.

How to get an API key and Password?

1) After successfully sign up on coinremitter You can create a wallet. Click here to know more about how to create a wallet on coinremitter and get a full idea.

2) After creating a wallet, get back on the wallet main page and click on your wallet (ex. If you’ve created a bitcoin wallet so you must click on wallet name or logo).

3) After clicking on that it will take you to another page where you will see Credential Tab.

4) In the credential Tab, you will find the API key and Password.

5) Copy the API key from there. One thing to notice you should’ve to use the wallet password that you entered while adding a new wallet, not your login password. (Note:- you can also change your API password by clicking on the pencil size logo)

6) Now check out our API documentation page to start your integration if you are using our REST API. However, you can also use our plugin. Coinremitter Github


What is test coin (TCN) and how to use it during integration?

On the official website of coinremitter, it has offered a new function Test Coin wallet. It‘s just like any other crypto wallet but it’s majorly for testing purposes. Coinremitter allows users to test and do transactions this wallet in a real environment. To create this wallet signup on the website and to know more about coinremitter click here (a brief knowledge about coinremitter). 10 free coins will be deposited in the wallet at the time when they successfully add a new test coin wallet. You can create two test coin wallet in the same merchant account and start testing of your integration

In addition, users from individual websites can also use coinremitter API for integration in order to create this wallet and if someone feels that they got enough knowledge about how wallet system works then they can easily change wallet credentials and make a new live wallet from any of crypto coins.

How to create a test coin wallet?

1) If you are a new or beginner than register yourself by signup.

2) After registration you will go directly to the dashboard where you can see the wallet option on the left sidebar you must click on it and then the wallet page appears. Click here to know more about how to create a wallet on coinremitter.

3) On the wallet page, you will find so many options to fill up and all the options are mandatory.

4) On the very first of the select test coin wallet. And fill some required fields.

5) Once you create a wallet, 10 coins will automatically appear in your test wallet.

6) After creating a test wallet, you can refer to our API integration documentation.

7) You can simply deposit or do transactions of coins from these wallets

8) For any further information about the coinremitter, you can visit our blog.

Once you successfully test your API integration with the test coin wallet, you can simply replace actual wallet credentials and start accepting actual currency in your app.

Note: Do not try to deposit or withdraw test coin (TCN) to any other currency like BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc


Why 20 XRP require to activate ripple address?

Since the crypto coins came onto the market many people didn’t understand the fundamental structure of crypto coins and the way they work. Moreover, Each coin has its own space of work where it uses its own rules to run.

There are so many crypto coins in the crypto market like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Doge, USDT, Dash. Every coin has used its formation but XRP(ripple) is quite different.

However, people are in trouble whether to create an address of XRP or not? in contrast, When someone creates a new address then it needs to activate it. it must have to fund 20 XRP as deposit fees. This is a kind of mystery where most people wouldn’t believe because as per like other crypto coins don’t allow to deposit a fund in order to create an address then how XRP would allow funding in an address in order to activate address?

In this article, we will enlighten the areas which we covered and to make your doubts clear about either if it’s true or kind of rumor.

What is the base reserve?

The base reserve is the minimum amount of XRP which is compulsorily required for every address in the ledger. That basic amount is 20 XRP to fund in an address as it’s called Deposit fees.

Why 20 XRP is Necessary?

As per the statement of the organization who are maintaining XRP have said that the fee structure of 20 XRP is to make it an Anti-spam ledger. Where people don’t unnecessarily create an address like they open for nothing sometimes and never use it after. As one of the main factors which were included by the makers that this amount can’t be withdrawn by the individuals as it will be stored or locked up in an address. To protect XRP address from malicious usages an organization took this step in favor of those users who are actually using XRP address in good manners. They also include that the goal is to create a resistance in between the growth of ledger to match improvements in technology so that the current commodity level can always fit the current ledger in RAM and the full ledger history on disk.

Users cannot send this 20 XRP to other addresses. if anyone willing to transfer these coins then they must include or fund more XRP in the address as per reserve requirement.

What if Someone has not enough funds?

Nothing will happen if someone has not pursued an amount of 20 XRP in Ripple address but, they can not be able to use this address until they have 20 XRP in their address and one has to transfer more than 20 XRP as the first transaction to newly created address.

All in the Final words, that address will consider as a non-using address until they deposit enough or at least 20 XRP in an address in order to activate the XRP address.


If someone creates a new XRP address and fund more than 20 XRP. Let’s just assume that someone funded 50 XRP in the new address and if they wanted to transfer funds in someone else’s XRP address then they would only be able to send 30 XRP at the time because the remaining 20 XRP is the necessary fund to keep activated an XRP address. No one will be able to transfer those 20 XRP from the address.

Even whenever you make transactions in future those 20 XRP are inevitable. If someone wants to transfer a big amount then they should have counted the amount by keeping aside those 20 XRP from XRP(ripple) address.

Can I use one xrp address for multiple purposes?

Unlike any normal crypto coins, XRP(ripple) is quite different from them when it comes to rules & regulations. If anyone who is not aware of what XRP addresses more requires apart from 20 XRP as a mandatory amount. This address used for more than one purpose conversely, It has one more function in order to make it more transparent to use for multiple purposes.

That function called a destination tag. The main thing about this functionality is to specify each recipient of the transaction.

What Is the destination tag?

A destination tag is a kind of functionality that identifies the particular recipient in the transaction system.

This tag could be a 9 digit number that used in every XRP address to show the particular recipient. In addition, the destination tag is an optional function for sending XRP to other addresses. However, If someone wants to create that tag then it has no issue. But One thing to assure that some of the exchange systems do require destination tags.

(Note: when you copied your address link in order to forward that address link to your buyer then destination tag also been copied with it. Make sure to check the link before sending it to the buyer.)

On the other hand, the destination tag ain’t necessary if someone has their own personal address for this coin. Conclusively, the main purpose of this function is to identify each recipient‘s transactions.


all the information in this article may confuse all the users first. But the one main thing has cleared that this isn’t a rumor and an actual fact that 20 XRP is mandatory.

XRP(ripple) organizers have corrected all the information. Moreover, they only wanted one thing is that to protect XRP address from filthy hands and provide the best experience to the actual customers.


A brief knowledge about Coinremitter

In the terms of the cryptocurrency market, every firm is conjointly connected with each other.

Moreover, all of the details of the crypto market Are about the configuration of veracity which is deliberately delivered to its customers.

However, these crypto markets are basically working on user’s feedback and hoping that all the information is genuinely delivered to the users or not.

As we have an Idea about those folks who are highly Interested In
crypto coins conversely, having less knowledge about crypto coins and it’s a crypto gateway stop them from dealing in these coins.

Therefore, In this verse, we are explaining everything about Coinremitter and also other things that connected with it.

So, we are going to give you deep knowledge about how to create an account and become a member of the coinremitter.

How to sign up?

1) Firstly, click on the Coinremitter website which will take you to the official website.

2) Secondly, the page of our crypto gateway will look like this as it depicts in the pic. You will see the Sign-up on the top. Click on It and it will take you to the sign-up page.

3) On the Signup page, you will find 3 options first, the option is to fill all the information like Name, Email address, mobile number(optional), and password.

Moreover, you can even easily sign up through Google and Facebook. Select an appropriate option that suits you the most.

4) If you fill all the sign-up information manually you will receive a confirmation mail on your email id.

You must need to confirm your id or else you will not be able to do anything on coinremitter.

5) If you choose Google or Facebook as a signup option then, there will be no problem with this confirmation mail.

6) The whole registration process will not take more than 15 seconds.

7) Congratulations! You successfully signed yourself up on coinremitter. You have officially become a member of Coinremitter.


How to swap currency on coinremitter?

Coinremitter gives its users a swap cryptocurrency function which is In Built on the website. In simple words, users can change their coin from one to another just like converting Bitcoin from Litecoin.

In this topic, we will give you the full information about how you can swap cryptocurrency on coinremitter.

1) Now click on the login and log yourself in by filling the details or sign up with Facebook or Google.

2) after the login you are now on the dashboard page. Now click on the currency swap in the sidebar. Moreover, after clicking on it the box of currency swaps will look like this.

3) Click on the From Wallet option and select one of the coins which you have in your wallet. Make sure you have added coins in the wallet and must have balance in it.

Now click on the To Currencyoption and select on the currency which you want to swap in.

4) Fill the amount in the Amount box, you can also see how much coins you will receive after swapping when you enter the amount in the box before clicking on submit.

(Please note that the amount you are entering has to be an appropriate amount or fill in the minimum amount which will be some less than your available amount.)

5) Enter your proper wallet address in Wallet Address box and click on the submit.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully swap your currency from one to another. However, these swapped currencies will be stored in your coinremitter wallet.

7) You can also see the currency history about how many times you have swapped your currency before.

(Please take one note, before swapping coins verify the coin address properly, because sent coins can not be reserved in any case. Coinremitter is not responsible for any delay or loss of coins.)


How to list coins on Coinremitter?

Crypto coin listing Is a function that most of the crypto coins payment gateway barley Installs it on their websites. However, Coinremitter allows its users to list coins/tokens on the website. In addition, It would become more Important to listing coins also It’s very Important for ICO and ITO.

Users can use coin remitters API In order to convert coins/tokens with the most effective plugins like PHP, WordPress, and Laravel. You can easily list your coin here.

In addition, if you click on that link it will directly take you on the crypto coin listing page. Which will look like this.

On the page of coin listing, you will find three steps In order to list your coins. That three steps are….

1) General details

2) Technical details

3) Social details

Fill up all the appropriate details like the full name of your coin, Ticker/symbol, algorithm, and coin supply.

As you filling up all the details click on the next where you can find another box to read details. Fill in all the boxes one by one and after filling all the information you must check all the filled boxes because if anyone detail went wrong then, you wouldn’t be able to list your coins.

After checking all the corrections you will successfully accomplish your coin listing process simply and sleekly.

One of the gigantic things about coin listing is that this process will gain trust within merchants and vendors. Although, it also makes payments faster and smoother without taking risks.

All In all Its most trustworthy and reliable process that coinremitter has delivered to Its users.


How to create an Invoice?

Coinremitter allows users to create an Invoice on our gateway and it can be simply sent on buyers’ email Id.

Here are some steps or guidelines about how to create an Invoice with easy steps.

1) First login yourself on coinremitter.

2) When you come to the dashboard you will see the option of Invoice at the left side of the bar. Click on that.

3) After clicking it, the Invoice page will pop up which will look like this. Moreover, on the right side on the top you will see New option moreover, you must click on It In order to create an Invoice.

4) When you click on the new option, the New page will pop up on the screen with the name of Create New Invoices.

5) The box depicts several of the information users have to fill It In.

6) Click on a wallet where you can see certain of coins wallet, select on the wallet as you have one.

7) In the amount, the box fills the appropriate amount which you want to get from the buyer. However, in the second box USD, you will see the amount in dollars.

8) Notify URL is an optional box it’s not mandatory so you can neglect it anyway.

9) Sending an invoice must demand the address of that user whom you want to send this Invoice. Moreover, in the upcoming box fill To Email and To Name where you have to be careful while filling receivers’ addresses.

10) In the next box fill-up, the expire hours. This means if you write 12 hours In the box then, after 12 hours this Invoice will be expired. Moreover, the buyer also will not be able to send payment through this Invoice so be careful with both vendors and merchants.

11) In the last box called description, you can write some notes or some of your business dealings that you want to share with the receiver. Although, you can write anything which suits you more.

12) So, after filling all the details your invoice will look like this.

13) You should check all your filled up details several times before click on the send button.

14) After checking all the details click on the send button.

15) You have successfully sent your Invoice to your buyer. Now, wait until the vendor sent payment in your wallet through your Invoice.


How to create a wallet on Coinremitter?

1) To create a wallet on Coinremitter this is the step by step process.

2) First, click on login and fill your email and password when the login box will appear.

3) After the login process dashboard will pop up on your screen. On the left sidebar, you will see the wallet option. You must click on the wallet.

4) Click on the New button. Then, a new wallet creates a page that will pop up on your screen.

5) When you click on the wallet, a page will appear which will look like this.

6) You will see such Information to fill up in order to create a wallet. Select a coin first which you want to create a wallet of It. (ex. If you want to create a Bitcoin wallet then click on bitcoin. The same process applied on other coins too.)

7) Coinremitter allows its users to make a wallet from these coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Doge, USDT, Dash, etc.

8) Fill Information like Wallet name, Wallet Password, select an appropriate option of Select withdrawal type. If you select Automatic option then your coins will be automatically withdrawn to the external wallet address. It will be good If you select a manual option then rest Is up to you.

(Note: Fill up withdrawal limit if you want to. Because If you set the limit then you can only withdraw those coins until you reach your everyday limit or in other words, if you reach the daily limit before 24 hours then, you will not be able to withdraw coins. So, select an appropriate option. If you leave that box empty then, there is no limit to the number of coins you can withdraw.)

9) then, you will see the Webhook URL. it is your website URL where the coinremitter will post data if any incoming transaction record in your wallet.

10) After that fill the Webhook Confirmation box if you set a webhook URL. It’s basically you have to set 2 numbers value in that box like ‘3’. It’s mandatory because If you fill that box then coinremitter will send webhook data on 2nd confirmation if you set up this value.

11) You will see whitelist IP / Domain. You can also leave this box.

12) You can set on a select wallet logo and choose any of your wallet logos because this logo will appear in the invoice.

13) Make sure you double-check all of your details before clicking on create a new wallet. If any Information went wrong you will fail at creating your wallet. After checking all your Information clicks on create a new wallet.

14) Congratulations! You have successfully created your wallet on Coinremitter.


How to integrate coinremitter in WordPress?

We also provide our users to integrate coinremitter crypto gateway plugin into WordPress by using individuals websites.

In this paragraph, we will give you step by step information about how to integrate plugin.

1) Firstly, before the integration of the coinremitter crypto gateway, you must have to install the woo-commerce plugin and have to activate first.

2) Secondly, Click on the PLUGIN option (you will find It In the sidebar). Then select on ADD NEW option (you will find on the top of the page)

3) After selecting that option new page will pop up and it shows you different plugins. In contrast, you must click on the search option and type COINREMITTER CRYPTO PAYMENT GATEWAY.

4) After finding the plugin click on the INSTALL NOW AND Install it.

5) After the completion of the plugin, click on ACTIVATE. When you activate our plugin you will see COINREMITTER appear in the sidebar.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully installed our plugin on your website.

Check the video that we have made for your better understanding:

How to set up a wallet on the coinremitter plugin?

After successfully installing the Coinremitter plugin on WordPress now it’s time to create a wallet on our plugin.

Here is the step by step process of how to create a wallet on the coinremitter plugin.

1) First, open coinremitter and if you don’t have an account there then signup first or if you are already a member of our gateway then log in on the website.

2) When the dashboard page appears on the screen then click on the wallet option if you haven’t created a wallet on the coinremitter then click here to know more about How to create a wallet on the coinremitter.

3) If you already have a wallet on coinremitter then click on the wallet which will take you on the wallet address.

(Note: if you have already created a litecoin wallet on the coinremitter website then you should be required to create a litecoin wallet on plugin because if you create different coins wallets at the same time then the credentials of the wallet won’t work. For example, if you have a bitcoin wallet on coinremitter and you create a litecoin wallet on the plugin then the API key of bitcoin won’t work in a litecoin wallet. Therefore, make sure and be transparent while making wallets however, it requires the same wallet at both places.)

4) Click on Credential and you will get your API key and Password.

5) Copy your API key and set a new password as if you want to change otherwise it’ll be okay.

6) Now go back to WordPress and click on the Coinremitter plugin.

7) After clicking on it. The plugin’s main page will appear. Click on the Add wallet option and one box will appear.

8) This box will show you the options of coins but you must select that coin which you have already created on the Coinremitter website. For example, if you have a litecoin wallet on the website
then, you must select litecoin here too.

9) After that, it will ask for an API key and password. Paste your API key and write down your password.

10) After filling all the information click on Verify & Add. congratulations! You have successfully created your wallet on the Coinremitter plugin.

11) Now you can easily accept coins from your buyers in your coins wallet just by using the coinremitter plugin.


What is the coinremitter webhook and how it works?

As coinremitter provides much functionality to its customers then, webhook are also one of them.

coinremitter webhook is your website URL that will use as instant payment notifications when someone deposit fund on your wallet address. You can add its URL while adding a new wallet and you can update it later on the wallet detail page. Coinremitter will send post data to the webhook URL once the transaction gets enough confirmation. you can check how to post data looks like here

However, sometimes users have to verify in order to make yourself confirm that If It’s working or not. Regardless, you will need to use this form when you troubleshoot your integration.

How to test my webhook?

1)  At first, If you want to test webhook performance then you must log in on coinremitter.

2) When you come on your dashboard then you will find Webhook you must click on it.

3)  After clicking on It you will end up on the webhook page.

4)  On the right side of the page, you will find a box that will look like this.

5)  In that box, you can read such information as a wallet, Trx ID, Amount, and Confirmation.

6)  Firstly, fill all the information correctly, click on the wallet, and select one of your wallets.

7)  In the second box, write your transaction ID which will be appropriate and you must have to confirm several times.

8)  In the third Box fill up the right amount as you per your requirement.

9)  In the last box called Confirmation write down about how many transactions will be confirmed 1 or 2? Write It as per your requirement.

10) After filling up all the details click on the Send button.

11) Now you have successfully sent a webhook to your URL.


How affiliation works?

Coinremitter the crypto payment gateway offers its users to earn up to 75% commission on the affiliate program.

This Is basically a way that, If existed users share their personal referral link across the web and the other person uses that link and deposit coin on their wallet then that user will get 75% of affiliation.

This affiliation comes from gateway’s revenue share which is withdrawal fees 0.23% that’s where users will earn from. If you want to share this link then, you can simply get an Affiliation link from here.

The second thing about this program is that the more you spread these words the more you will earn from us. It’s not one time offer though.

How to send Link?

1) Once you have completed your sign up process you just need to log in In order to enter your profile. (If you haven’t joined coinremitter yet then you must signup up here)

2) After the login process, you will successfully manage to enter your profile and on the dashboard.

3) On top of the right side, you will find your Id logo. Click on the logo so you will get options like profile and sign out.

4) Click on the profile so that you can enter your profile.

5) In your profile beneath the Reference link, you will find the Link Icon. Click on that Icon therefore, your link will automatically be copied.

6) Once your link was copied you can paste It at any of your personal social media accounts like Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, etc. in order to send a link to your friends and family.

7) When they click on your referred link and If they signed up on there then, you can earn up to 75% of the processing fee (0.23%). It means if your referral deposits 1 BTC in his wallet you will get 0.001725 BTC as a referral bonus.


How to Integrate Coinremitter In laravel?

coinremitter has provided one of the quickest integration services in Laravel to its customers and for that quickest services, it does have Integrations with some of the plugins like Laravel. These are the plugins that are most effective in their respective ways.

However, the process of Coinremitter plugin installation in Laravel is so simple. Coinremitter allows users to integrate coinremitter In Laravel by using Individual websites. You can Install the coinremitter plugin by using the composer In Laravel.

In addition, the Integration of Laravel will mostly be done Into code language. Maybe it’s the only way to integrate coinremitter within Laravel. you can follow instructions by visiting the following URL.

All the guide Information is variable and make users allow to utilize our plugin In order to send/receive payments within their wallet.


How to secure your account?

When you do business in crypto coins then, how you can secure your account? How can you take your security to the next level?

Let’s find it out…

Blockchains save users’ transactions, invoices, and other private information for the users, and the digital key unlocks each block. In addition, only users have access to open those blocks because only users hold that digital key.

To secure your account in a sophisticated way then coinremitter has security feature 2fa. It provides tremendous security even if any hacker stole your password then they won’t hurt your private data.

In order to protect your data coinremitter provides 2fa security. This could come in any option like identification number (PIN), a password, or an answer to a specific question.

This security could also come in an advanced way like biometric patterns which could be a fingerprint, iris scan, and voiceprint.